Rest Peacefully Neighborhood Nip. The fact the song was so unpredictable, makes it unique and refreshing. The Breakfast Club interview was extremely viral, thanks to the platform that he created, and now everyone is starting to give him the homage he so rightfully deserves. Expectedly, the video, like the song is madness. The track serves as his first solo release since Sucker For Love , which dropped some months back.

ajonthebeat i wont quit

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Nipsey Hussle impacted lives far beyond his own neighborhood. Four tracks that display specifically why he is untouchable.

King Oso – Hoein Dont Stop [Prod. By Red Drum Beats] [New ]

Purchase tickets at HellaWave. LA’s illest Hip-hop Blog.

ajonthebeat i wont quit

For Jayy, this lifestyle is slight work, and he makes rapping look easy. The music is a reflection of their environment.

What does YKM stand for? Posted by nickxshew on April 2, in News.

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The character of the man made the music second hand. Watch the dope visual below! Posted by ajhoward47 on September 29, in MusicNews. Get your life jackets ready.

@Guayaki Yerba Mate Presents: MOSHPIT!

BossMannInglewoodOutkastmarcoss Permalink. Cypress MorenoShoreline Mafia Permalink. Posted by nickxshew on August 23, in MusicNews. Coincidentally, if I had to write down all of my confessions of everything I did as a young man, illegal street racing would definitely be one of my many sins. Posted by Rosecrans Vic on May 9, in News. And BBKnight has something no new artist from California currently has, a super dope new song with industry darling JuiceWrld.


ajonthebeat i wont quit

As I watch this video I remember how I was invited to the video shoot by Outkast Marcoss and negligently slept on it. During his trip, on a starry summer night, he hit the studio with budding, bilingual, superstar Feefa and created a classic, whilst sampling a timeless song. We just all relating to each other and enjoying the music for what it is, that keeps me inspired.

Whether you liked one song, every single second of his discography, or merely had respect for the ten toes he kept on the ground.

As Worthy delivers bars from the driver seat of his wagon ajonthwbeat backstage with the homies, he speaks only of what he knows. Where do you see yourself by the end of the year? This is a wild episode with substantial comic relief, in fact it was so wild we got thrown out of the studio immediately after recording this.

It was Ajonthdbeat Q, who most certainly had no idea who I was, but likely was in a good mood because he put a dent in the vast liquor supply. Nah I started making music in but started taking it seriously like, middle of Posted by himay on January 25, in MusicNews. Tracks three and four, the hardest on the project, are produced by Undefined. The young artist told us how he got his start in the rap game alongside Fenix Flexin, when he began to take music seriously, touring with Shoreline Mafia, his plans beyond a music career and shared his ambitions of having his own dog hotel.


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Las Vegas Music is relevant. Listen to the song below. I used to get clowned for that thing, but it was all I had. A few hours later, I received an email confirming my plus one and I were on the list for tonight. Getting these two together is a perfect match, each have their own solid approach and ability to take a record to the next level with their presence.