Buying software outside of Japan is annoying. Where would I buy the English version? The story of AkaAka begins with a dream filled with red camellia and the passing of a strange mask. When the game is released, will you do a summary of it? How do you do that actually?

akaya akashiya ayakashino game

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Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi No

The story of AkaAka begins with a dream filled with red camellia and the passing of a strange mask. I use PlayAsia and they stock the Akashiyw http: Thanks for this post.

Sagano is often seen with a cold smirk on his face. A purple screen with the script shows up. Home Manga Index About. This site uses cookies.

Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no (PC) Walkthrough by the Awesome Me | Chem is Amani Blog

He can take either a fox or human form, although he retains his ears and tail. Satou raised Yue like a parent and keeps watch over many of gamd local spirits.


akaya akashiya ayakashino game

I had a lot of trouble finding out more about it I guess my google-fu is weak… Anyway, your posts on the game convinced me to buy it! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Their individual names are Suisen red fishGyokuro black fishand Kiimun yellow fish. These three goldfish spirits are usually found flying about Satou.

He is often tired and notorious for sleeping while standing and even passing out in random places. As spirits, they seem young and immature, but they are capable of taking the form of children. The backgrounds seem varied and rich with detail. Blake June 20, at Coco August 24, at Now all that’s left is to find the psp download I love her work.

Raz January 9, at I used ppsspp and followed everything as this video told me: Chem is Amani March 29, at Outside retailers typically charge yen or so.

It eludes me why people keep posting in foreign languages obviously not covered on this blog. A calm and serious mouse spirit that takes care of many household matters around the temple.


Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Preview

Chem is Amani March 30, at 8: AkaAka is currently only available by PC. The protagonist is a carefree young man, living life at his own pace. They might capture you! Waaah this looks good!

akaya akashiya ayakashino game

It seems underplayed for being so gorgeous to look at! Did you play Corpse Party too?

When she learned Yue found people of interest after he snuck to town, Mikoto retracted her ban. You are commenting using your Google account.