Thanks a lot for penning this down, specially the bits about Tatkaal passport renewal and the dreaded Annexure F. I actually ended up having a bad bad fight with the idiotic lady sitting at the final desk No 3 , I even initiated a complaint against her to the Head of the unit. I read that dreaded statement on the final receipt, somewhere at the bottom, that Form-F is needed. A Borrowed Backpack May 30, I need only spouse name to be added to my passport and re issue the same. It is dependent on the PSK center. Also, the website cites it as an optional document, while in reality it is not.

annexure f for tatkal passport doc

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This is a travel-blog that is managed as a hobby by me, annecure from my regular work. Thank you for the credit! Lots to rant about, but the main thing I came here to rant was Annexure F. India stings Pakistan at Commonwealth meet. A Borrowed Backpack April 2, BCP March 16, Maybe, tweet this to the ministery? This is why I am saying that this rule needs to either be modified, or removed completely.


We cant go by whats there in document advisor of PSK but should be in position to give officials whatever they ask for. I have applied for a passport re-issue on tatkal and my booking is coming Wednesday. But, the officials as Ghaziabad Passport Seva Kendra rejected the documents.

annexure f for tatkal passport doc

He or she must be having the most brilliant mind on planet. As opposed to a normal passport application, a tatkal passport application ensures quick verification and faster processing. Twtkal well explained Divya.

annexure f for tatkal passport doc

Could anyone please clarify me, if he is right or do i passort to get Annexure F. The agent told me it is not required.

annexure f for tatkal passport doc

Do I need Annexure F for damaged passport? When mallya can easily move outside India, it indicates that propose tho stop anmexure is useless. Thanks a lot for quick reply Divya. Another thing that worked in my favor was that I had a very early appointment and the crowd was very manageable. Thanks a lot Divya Rai.

Hi, all I was very much worried about Verification certificate, In re-issuing passport. All this while the tatal tokens I overhear being counted moving up from to with in hours….


Passport Annexures | Passport Affidavits

passporh I dont have a voter id card handy with me. Divya Rai June 21, Can your reframe it, please? Hey Prashant, Thanks for sharing your experience. The worst case would be changing from Tatkal to normal. You can guess the reply.

Parth Welankar Hindustan Times, Pune. A Borrowed Backpack April 27, I applied for reissue to get change of address and spouse name addition and was not asked for any annexures including annex B.

Getting tatkal passport easier as govt scraps need for Class 1 officer’s nod

A strange mix of introvert and extrovert. Indian government seriously needs some smart people making the policies. One at the fist page and one among last few pages.