If you drag a dimension string, the texts will re-center themselves on their segments, assuming the texts have not been moved manually. Ironically, such composites don’t work at all unless you’ve made your own windows to handle the masonry openings correctly, which we have. The filters are in there, but they are modified to show all statuses all the time, with no overrides. Masonry veneer on a stud wall. So a migrating user of Archicad 21 is probably going to encounter frustration and data loss, before they even meet the new feature that is responsible. Meanwhile I can’t abandon ID 2 because my libraries are hooked to that.

archicad 11 hotfix

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If you want a wall to be blue for some reason, you can change the contour cut pen while retaining the background color of the composite. For most cases, you can think of a viewpoint as an application window.

archicad 11 hotfix

Use Solid Fill for white masks. Elements have a setting in the Tags and Categories division where they can be set to show only on a specific filter, rather than “All Relevant Filters”.

ArchiCAD-Talk – Libraries / Library Parts / GDL

There are three main ways to create views in AC10, plus one more you hotfis never use. In Archicad 10, sections can automatically show story level markers and lines. But I can overlook it. Here’s a short feature list. It is here that modules are placed, updated, broken turned into local, editable elementsand changed.


You can have multiple core skins, but hptfix must be adjacent. The flue is designed with SEOs in mind. Wed Nov 18, 2: For example, on the detail marker list, three out of thirteen items are meant to be used.

On Land: Archicad Archives

Tue Nov 24, 2: They directed me to this knowledge base articlewhich has to with switching off a cross-platform browsing preference that we don’t need anyway. Edited January 7, by submix8c. The fourth button is rotated rectangle.

By ceezJanuary 2, in Software Hangout. It’s better to fix one linetype rather hktfix a whole pile of objects. More on the particulars of this below.

Save the Favorites you are using, clear them, do whatever you need to do, then load your saved list back. Filters are saved with Views. PDF-in-layout will become the standard method of placing non-Archicad info in drawing sets.

Breaking a module results in one big group. Addition projects can proceed in 16 without using the new ish renovation setup. Things they are really excited about, I might not even mention! I did try to sort my linetypes a few years back. If hotifx had this model view option, it would greatly help the 111 problem for composites and profiles.


archicad 11 hotfix

You could also change the frame width to zero. Posted January 3, edited.

New ARCHICAD, New Windows OS, New Mac OS, repeat.

Just select them and change their status. You can also modify arcyicad path in the Value field, to point to a different server, for example.

You can always make a line heavier by drawing over it; lighter, not so much. Since we’re talking about powerful features, naturally there are other drafts of specific tips which have as prerequisites knowledge of the archocad features. This includes empty openings and weird openings like trim panels. Drawing lists are generally required by permit authorities, and it is bad user experience not to have them.

archicad 11 hotfix