How much work was left to do afterwards? Accelerate application modernization Automated migration reduces the time and cost to modernize existing desktop apps compared to rewriting from scratch. NET or C automated migration tool that collects ArtinSoft’s extensive experience in software migration projects, covering common issues such as:. Perhaps designing to be unit-testable, for example. I don’t feel I ought to share the exact figure as it was a quote just to me. The same was done for printers. Net to better reflect the need to modernize legacy applications to more than just.

artinsoft visual basic upgrade companion

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The problem is that the conversion tools don’t offer support for the VB6 Graphics commands or the VB6 printer model. I haven’t used either of the tools mentioned, but with a little preparation, the upgrade tools in Visual Studio are more than adequate.

We’ve recently renamed Artinsoft.

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

Double click the installer artknsoft. And I have a lot of legacy VB6 code, vvisual I know the pain involved. In fact, our focus is on the enterprise market segment, where you often finds VB6 apps with several hundred thousand LOCs, if not millions. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.


How big were the projects you rewrote?

ArtinSoft Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

I’ve linked to the pages where they give the prices. Is there a support forum anywhere for users of tools like these, neither vendor seems to offer one. Watch a VB6 app with an Access database get migrated to C and.

artinsoft visual basic upgrade companion

Active 9 years ago. Yes with that I was able to engineer a VB6 Graphics compatibility library. Copmanion, the vb6 code adviser requires excel and believe it or not my copy of excel was too old last time i looked, should be ok now though: The VBUC needs all the references to all the third party components, as well as any library that is part of the project. VBUC generates native code without runtimes.

artinsoft visual basic upgrade companion

If not, we promise to answer immediately. An advanced VB 6.

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We have recently published a case study related kpgrade an application with K LOCs; one of our customers is currently migrating a monster app with about 15 million LOCs! NET is quite in the reach of our software.

This way you can convert one layer at a time, test and continue on. Please visit our support forum at: Asked 10 years, 5 months ago. Just run the migration tool and you’ll get clean, bawic C or VB. Net Visual Basic Upgrade Companion. Yes, “for the UK market” like I said. NET except now it uses the Graphics Object.


Visual Basic Upgrade Companion System Requirements

When we switched to. NET code with the. AI-assisted algorithms produce native C or VB. NET enumerations Code refactoring: Net accelerates and simplifies the process of bringing software applications forward to modern web, mobile and cloud platforms.

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: The built-in Microsoft upgrade wizard is pathetic – according to the guy who wrote it – of course he is from Artinsoft so he wants to sell you something better. Nearly all the code was moved out of our forms into classes that the forms called. Sometimes there is no substitution for manual conversion.