This file provides help on all windows and menus in ATPDraw and assists in building up a circuit. In the lower left corner there is Edit definitions button. Other combinations are illegal and are prevented by button logic. Add a new circuit text or favour text selection circuit text, labels and node names. To do this, you simply send e-mail to atp-emtp-l listserv. All components’ support files can be edited in the Library menu.

atpdraw 5.6

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The user can later modify a compressed group by selecting it and click Compress once more.

ATPDraw for Windows

The commands are inserted in the ATP menu dynamically, when the user activates the Update button as shown above. For mutual coupling, 1 A is applied at both circuits. The connection can also be turned into a Relation no node connection only visualization of flow of information drawn as a dotted line by atperaw Relation check box.

ATP run Plot F8 starts at;draw default plotting program and sends the pl4 file as parameter. The author of each submission must be clearly identified.

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The available atpdgaw Names and Order numbers are listed in two combo boxes as shown in Fig. The operation Rotate R can also be performed by clicking the right mouse button inside the selected group. Update button adds the new Run…command to the ATP menu.


Z is added automatically. The following restrictions apply: Selecting the Edit Text menu item, the mouse cursor style will change to a pointing hand and forced to stay within the circuit window.

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A click on this button will maximize the window. The component position is rounded to the nearest 10th pixel. The middle field of the status bar is used to display the Modified state of the active circuit. Any object within the selected region is then marked for selection.

atpdraw 5.6

When the user change the Model header input, output or data section in a circuit in ATPDraw the component and its icon is automatically updated. Select Edit Rubber Bands to stretch connections with one end inside and one end outside.

atpdraw 5.6

The problem was resolved on June The number of simultaneous open windows is limited only by the available MS-Windows resources. END Indicates the end of a relation. Wtpdraw can be forwarded later to interested persons by private e-mail. Read about Capabilities Examples Documentation Read more. About box and Windows help file system.

To draw a connection, click on a node with the left mouse button.


Click left to create an enclosing polygon, click right to close. Several links between help pages and a relatively large index register for searching text or phrases are also available.

The manual shows how to build a circuit step by step, starting from scratch. All components inherit their properties from a support file. You need JavaScript enabled to qtpdraw it.

In the program the user can construct an electric circuit, by selecting predefined components from an extensive palette. The power frequency specification is mandatory for HFS simulations. Following a successful download atpfraw the distribution kit, perform the next operations: The Kind parameter can be changed later in the Model node input window right click on the node dot.

Selecting the File item in the main menu will result in a popup menu shown in Fig.

Click any point of the line then click node squares and stretch. Save Stores the contents of the icon buffer to disk.

atpdraw 5.6