No, create an account now. To get the best configurations, for every resolution category, most of the time you have to experiment a bit. Up to 8 languages can be selected and included. Glorioso, You have to use some software to do that. Hi dhmk, is your application be used with a command line to automate the process of. I can choose all 8 subtitles by remote control of the DVD player but no subtitles it can show.

aviaddxsubs v9.11

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LOL, you seems that you’re completely sick of Arabic, I don’t blame you. I don’t know how, but I think 4GB error thing is gone with your program. Of course you aaviaddxsubs pass them by hand and not through selection list to see if windows can select them. Full screen option did nothing, but increasing custom height worked!

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In the manual it says at the “full screen” checkmark part that the created bitmap, when not checked, is as big as the text it contains.


That’s a sad piece of news for me.

And believe me, I have tried many muxing programs to test. The lack of support for Unicode Srt subtitle files was also frustrating.

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With AVI-Mux the error is gone. Hi, dhmk, I have just tested the version 7. Please note that the program always adds automatically a chapter at Can you tell me if the original file had “packed bit stream”? But I am not an v9.11 in this area. Do you have any idea?

aviaddxsubs v9.11

To mark audio streams with language: Just put an 1 there. This is what aviadddxsubs I have found. Nov 30, Download s: The program can generate two kind of bitmapped subtitles. Sometimes we overlook the obvious So I am open to suggestions.

This program has only one thing to do and has to do it the easiest way possible, the one I found as the best, as a user of it, first of all. This is accomplished through a text file placed together with the avi. I am not sure if understand you well. It works only on bit Mac OS. I have tried a dozen permutations of custom colors to no avail.


aviaddxsubs v9.11

Can you answer that? In the second example I suspect that because p and e1 are the same color as the transparent background b then the subtitles are totally transparent and invisible. Overview User Reviews Specs. This is done once for every player.

Of all the programs i’ve tried this one is the simple, easy, fast one. You can see how your subtitles appear when all selections at tabs have been applied. So generally saying that I have aviaddxsubw problem with some files doesnt really help me.

AVIAddXSubs 9.15

Any way if this is a serious problems and people write the text not in the correct way for compatibility aviaddxaubs LTR languages, I will see what I can do in the next version. They look fine on the PC. Take care during installation.