You could download broadcom-sta-dkms separately and then manually install it and I think you should be done. Because I am very interested in your smart way. I’m downloading with the Windows installer.. If you’re not sure.. You can connect the phone and choose “USB modem” in settings.

b43 fwcutter debian

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This number, BCM is not listed in the instruction.

During installing, the machine asked where do you want to put Debian on hd or on usb. March 10, I know it is a duplicate of that question but my problem is related to some special unknown case in that question.

In another distribution this could be different. I have a Dell D with Ubuntu After searching and searching and searching for an offline solution — and one that’s easy for a newbie to follow — I tried yours and I now have Ubuntu By means of another PC with an internet connection, download the bfwcutter version from here: If you think it fwcuyter better that I ask this question inside the comments of question mentioned above, then let me know.


I don’t have the install cdrom.

Index of /Public/debian/pool/contrib/b/bfwcutter

It only takes a minute to sign up. Debian User Forums Skip to content. You are logged into reality as ‘root’ logging in as ‘insane’ is the only safe option.

b43 fwcutter debian

I have chosen that route not because it seemed to me deboan, but just because it has been the one that has worked although I acknowledge that someone more skilled than me would have used another route like the one you propose. I am using I’m sure your update to the instructions for But still ” Wireless network – device not ready firmware missing.

Debian User Forums • View topic – How to: manually install Broadcom b43 driver

I used the cd and I used the thumb drive funny word, we call it facutter, thumb drive is better. If you’re not sure. Still the message “Wireless networks device not ready firmware missing “. July 14, Likely this guide is not useful for some skilled or experienced user, but for a Debian newbie like me, it’s the kind of info that are really valuable!


Index of /Public/debian/pool/contrib/b/b43-fwcutter

While it can be tedious to download more files, when it comes to installation it is just something as simple as issuing dpkg -i package1 package2 package3 etc. What am I doing wrong? I’m downloading with the Windows installer.

b43 fwcutter debian

Well, the work is done! March 15, How can I install firmware-binstaller driver if I can’t connect to internet by wire? But let’start from the scratch: But during the installation, the installer informed me that some firmware was missing, i.

b43 fwcutter debian

Open a terminal and enter these 7 commands. October 26, Extract this tarball in a folder the same as previous or another one: During installing Fwdutter again with cd and usb for firmware the machine saw the usb. I simply report here the procedure to be followed, in a clear way: