That’s why I keep saying, Berthodl fonts are free for all. Shitty crap made in Chicago, or maybe in a font sweatshop in Asia. Konrad , issues like that are caused by ripping or converting. Totu , Okie dokie I’ll stay away from it. Fedor , Thank-you for posting your Barmeno fonts. Gramma , My pleasure!.

barmeno font family

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PaulThank you very much. If you want original quality use original quality!.

barmeno font family

Or by whatever people do with it I always tell people not to sit on their fonts, or not to put them in tight jeans pockets, but who listens these days? Look how badly screwed up the glyph is where the oblique strokes meet the stem, in the lowercase ‘h’. Sometimes there are free fonts worth sharing… Like Pier Sans you can download it with one click yourself here: Aroundsome mysterious crooks in Chicago got G. Not that the digitalizing process was flawless, as I think some families do need to be properly re-drawn, but even a two year old wouldn’t make these errors.

That’s what I’m working on right now, and it’s fresh in my mind. Lange, Berthold AG’s old creative director, to agree to have his name associated with the Chicago boyz, as Berthold Type. What kind of moron makes them unequal?



It’s a lot less sprawly and fat; and its italics are second to none. Take a look for yourself, and decide if this kind of shitty glyph is anything that the great Guenther Gerhard Lange would have barmeho with a 10ft pole. Still, I insist that this particular Plantin is worth having fresh life breathed into it.

It woudl help me better if I can take a look at the Regular style. These are no good either. Konradissues like that are caused by ripping or converting. Another glaring defect, which I discovered yesterday, as I was cleaning my glyphs.

Premier Inn Font

TotuOkie dokie I’ll stay away from it. But, that’s a lie.

That’s why I keep saying, Berthodl fonts are free for all. It’s got better proportions than its two cousins. Here’s a screen cap of the first glyphs I looked at, lowercase ‘a’ bold. Just look what it becomes, with fajily little bit of TLC. Mikeso, you have the same files that I have.


Barmeno font family

Anyway, those are not drawing errors. PennyThanks a fotn And I use this fonts still until now. Here’s the smoking gun evidence for you: Thanks again for this share. The real Berthold AG the old Abrmeno type foundry filed for bankruptcy inand a German federal judge dissolved it, because it couldn’t find any buyers who would take on its massive corporate debt ca.

I know we have the same files, because they have the same problems, some of which are striking.

These are the alleged designers for Berthold Type: Mikedid you mean to attach it? Tender loving care, famiily the rest of the world.

barmeno font family

Look how awful the tail of the ‘a’ is — badly digitized, by a third-rate amateur. Under copyright, it says “Berthold AG Even though it got nearly killed by a Chicago bandit.