The sampler functionality has been completely removed from the controller to make way for supporting 4 decks. The commands have changed somewhat, so study the diagram on page 1 of the PDF. I have my custom device file started and a corresponding mapper that is recognizing the buttons I’ve programmed so far, and Auto-Learn is detecting the buttons I’ve programmed. I’ll post the set in a week or less. I’ve tried messing around with the sound set up too, but with no success. Of course, you can use only 2 decks and never have to worry about any of this just as you used to be able to do.

bcd3000 virtual dj mapper

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DJ Software – VirtualDJ – Behringer BCD

This means that no matter what decks are currently assigned to Left and Right, you can directly access the filters for any of the four decks at any time. I could cream my pants right now. Removed master balance control so that the Phones Mix phones ddj functioned in all modes.

It’s not possible make a native mapper like for BCD Our dev staf is working on Is this before or after you changed the setting? Truly, nicely done, congrats to alien implant!

Forum: Old versions

Half a second was pretty slow. You must turn an EQ knob full left to kill a frequency range. With all the trashing the BCD gets on these forums, just putting it in the virtula of the Hercules RMX because of my mapper has literally made my day. Fixed a bug with right deck seek increment in normal mode from 4 beats to 1.


bcd3000 virtual dj mapper

I’m so f’n happy right now! I’ll consider changing this if enough people speak up about it.

Imagine my shock when the first email I see is a notification for this forum thread! Posted Fri 22 Jun 07 I can’t help you with the EQ issue unless you post very clear information as to how you have set your software configuration.

Cheers, Alien Implant http: Keep in mind that I haven’t logged in for at least a month to view the stats or thought at any length about this mappdr weeks. Posted Tue 26 Jun 07 6: I opted to have only two decks assigned to the crossfader at once. Posted Fri 20 Jul 07 5: Of course there is nothing wrong with using the crossfader with four decks.

You basically acknowledged all the goals I had in making it. A default headphone gain of dB has been set up in the mapper file.

Mapping(s) for Behringer, BCD 3000

Thanks for the feedback. I just want to be able to have a working map that I can customize.


Everything you need to do setup wise is in the VDJ user manual and Wiki so please take the time to read through and follow the detailed instructions. Posted Fri 22 Jun 07 9: This has solved all my problems and vcd3000 my wildest dreams for using the BCD as a DJ controller.

The top four FX Knobs have been assigned to the Resonant Filters for corresponding decks by default. You can use the EQs or the new Filters to achieve vurtual results. If you are using VDJ7 pro then I would suggest you register this software on the forum. If you are using a cracked copy then this could cause a number of problems with your system bcd33000 would be difficult, if not impossible to resolve.

Traktor software is included with the bcd but I prefer to work with Virtual DJ.

Granted, the default setup was pretty lame, but I’m very happy with the BCD using this mapping. I like to think I can turn water into wine when it comes to the BCD

bcd3000 virtual dj mapper