If the SIM card was defective, he should connect me to technical support. But there are still two issues here: If your router is not listed on this site or in the programs I can add them! No, not a support technician. Spoke to Chris, who told me I had been disconnected because another modem was on its way—maybe. A colleague of Bob Lynch, the situation manager.

bigpond 3g9wb firmware

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Ubiquiti – Nanostation 5 Ubiquiti Firmware. No call back from Telstra technical support today, but I did get round to following up on the concept of a different Telstra offering.

Default Router & Modem Passwords M-N | ™

Back home and investigated the modem. The Asian Dynasties Mobile: He refused point blank to give his date of birth, and said that he would close the case if I didn’t give him mine.

What’s My IP Address?

firmaare All images taken on Friday, 22 Octoberthumbnails. They have never, ever, solved a reported problem. At the end of the talk, I was asked to do a survey on my customer experience, including saying what I didn’t like. He asked me for the email address, and I gave him the address nospammer gmail.

3G WiFi Router SIM Slot Bigpond (3G9wb) Gateway

Have they messed the thing up? I explained that this was a connection between my machine, via Telstra, to my external mail server. The wireless modem I bought yesterday is already here! Spoke to Vin, who wanted to know whether the other modem was Telstra or BigPond.


Netcomm Wireless 3G9WB (BigPond Firmware) Default Router Login and Password

But probably she’ll just think that I’m stupid. If the SIM card was defective, he should connect me to technical support. Then it dawned on me: Monday, 25 October I finally drummed up enough courage to call Telstra and report the defective modem.

Prolink – Hurricane G Prolink Firmware.

Sorry, I didn’t catch that. I then connected to the modem using FreeBSD and a web browser. Westell – w Verizon Firmware. He did then decide that maybe the problem was with the password, so he reset it for me, but I still couldn’t connect with the 3G9WB, so it’s beginning to look like the USIM really is locked in this time. Since then, if anything, technical support has got much worse. So finally I have my Telstra wireless connection up and stumbling.

That happened almost as soon as I got outside, so back inside and spoke to Rahul, who was in He said that the device was free. It seems that it’s running Linux, to judge from the output of some of the commands: I tried the USIM in my own modem, and it worked. And the external transmitter of the weather station I bought yesterday also seems to have problems.


Netcomm HS960 Firmware Upgrade Procedure Page 2

Apart from the same problems as with Apple, I have had repeated crashes of the installation software. I wonder what he said to the techie. I suppose it would be typical that it doesn’t report loss or gain of signal which might have been firmward cause of the problems above with the 3G9WBbut at the moment it looks more like it hasn’t received a signal at all.

bigpond 3g9wb firmware

Fired that up and was able to talk to it via a web browser, though it’s very slow. You should see 2 text fields where you can enter a username and a password.

bigpond 3g9wb firmware

I have an outstanding complaint with Telstraso when I got a call from Obbie at Telstra, I thought it was that.