In order for the Queen to choose her new body, the chosen must drink from the heart of their true love. These books are wonderful! This one is more focused on what Snow has become. The mythology was very fragmented as well and needed a lot of unpacking. Blood and Snow by RaShelle Workman.

blood and snow rashelle workman

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It is incredibly unrealistic for a character to notice each little scent that passes by them because people tend to focus more on the visual things, rather than the little odors that come out here and there.

Oh, and Snow White is a vampire. Especially when a rogue group of trolls leaves Sharra and takes over arshelle Redwood Forest. Whenever she started crying, instead of feeling a pressure behind her eyes or tears at the corners of her eyes like a normal person, the tears would start to gather on her lashes.

Overall I think the author did a good job in this. Finding out that there is someone who is willing to give up their life for you is some thing that everyone in the world is looking for but when you think that you finally find that someone and they turn on you, what do you do? Seal of Gabriel by RaShelle Workman.


Blood and Snow Series

GABRIEL While this novelette is very short, it gives an interesting perspective on the responsibilities Gabriel is needing to go through as the new leader of the Chayot.

Blood and Snow got a slew of mixed reviews. RaShelle Workman continues to be an incredible author. I hope to see more of her in book two. I had all the possible feelings. Snod is also wnow first time we are introduced to the Vampire Queen herself, and discover where Christopher has disappeared to.

Seven Magics Academy | rashelle

Seriously, not once did I daydream about bludgeoning a character to death. The first few were on the slow side, but it was rashwlle up the groundwork for the full story.

I wouldn’t mind if that was her nickname, however, ten pages into the story and I still don’t know what to call the girl apart from the obvious. I wish Rrashelle would have been in it more. This one opens up three weeks later. It’s YA and there’s a sorts triangle. What a delightful read! I just hate that i was so short. Up until then, it is mostly the lead up to the action. Now I’m just confused.

blood and snow rashelle workman

They all have little crushes on Snow, which is just too adorable. Books by RaShelle Workman. I really liked this plot, Snow White as a fairy tale is interesting but Snow White the teenage vampire is exciting and suspenseful. Mixing various classic princesses with darkness and villain qualities.


blood and snow rashelle workman

Rashelpe it is re-telling of Snow White, you have the all the characters, but with so many twists on the story and the characters, it just keeps your attention and wanting to know if Snow succeeds with trying to restore balance. I devour books, anything less than two-hundred pages is a snack. I LOVE books that when i read the blurb and reviews makes me want to have it immediately even though i have like hundred or more books on my to-read shelf. Pulled out of school by the Professor, Snow learns about the other creatures and the possibly of what could be after her.

Revenant in Training

The only issue that I had was there was a lot of sexy moments, and Snow starts out as a 15 year old. Gotta have those flawed characters.

I’m certainly going to be looking out for more by Workman in the future! Her radiant baby blues twinkled.