Please note that this video used an early version of the framework. Few use it efficiently or to its potential. Then see me in Frankfurt. Setup Main TypoScript Template. See if i can create a redesign for my site with it.

busy noggin quicksite

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busy noggin quicksite

However, for me this approach has made templating one of the easiest things I do in my development work. Hey Ron, we’ve been using the quicksite for the first real-world project, and I was really impressed how easy it was! Save the page properties and clear the TYPO3 cache. Rob Vonk July 15, Here is the extension manual which has a link to the GIT repo with the code for version 2. We’ve been using a similar concept for a few years now, but on some points you have gone further and this provides refreshing new ideas.

In fact, it is the start of a series of quality noggiin read web books.

Putting TemplaVoila to Work

I am pleased to announce the public release of templavoila. Then see me in Frankfurt.


busy noggin quicksite

This brings TemplaVoila to a new level: You should use the develop branch. Look at the photo of the four layouts attached to this post click to here to see largeryou might be nogyin to know that they all run off the same page template code.

New version for Busy Noggin QuickSite also released.

QuickSite Setup

It is also the most powerful, and in some ways, the most confusing. The current version uses a new point and click interface for managing skins which is even easier than what is shown in the video.

It is a little over 6 minutes long. Panic does it right again with Transmit 4 Great FTP, nogginn finder mount, ssh file commands and it is fast.

Framework Provided by Busy Noggin, Inc. I like it — slick and easy. You can use version 1 skins with version 2, but will need to add one constant to the skin detailed in manual.

Installing TV Framework in a TYPO3 Dummy Package :: Busy Noggin’s Framework for TemplaVoila

I promise not to flood you inbox with junk and you can unsubscribe at any time. Thanks for sharing this, Ron! This framework is provided free of charge by Busy Noggin, Inc. Will check it out soon Quicskite do these four pages have in common?


Fladi July 15, How This Site is Organized. You can then import and install the skin. The QuickSite may be a better starting point for you. This site is an attempt to share those practices and the QuickSite package I use to build my sites. In the page properties of the root page of your site, go to the appearance tab and select a template. Please note that this video used an early version of the framework.

A Framework for TemplaVoila :: Busy Noggin, Inc.

You can find out more about our company at www. We have used it on our customer sites. Make sure you will!