Thursday, 24 May These words fit perfectly. I’m boring that way! Monday, 16 April My Awesome My mom gave birth to all 4 of us in different seasons. The owner Ihsan Kozcuoglu and his daughter Asi work and live for their land. Pisces people are just too nice that sometimes at the end of the day, it is you who gets hurt.

cerekarama semadikan aku

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Click here to sign up. Make them feel wanted and cerekaramw everything they have done for you and likewise. My last two months has been really packed with work.

This is also my first time working with MIG, the production company. I’m boring that way!

Semadikan Aku (سماديكن اكو) : Full Movie [ʜᴅ]

I try to stay away from being stereotyped for each character that I play. This will be shown on the 7th of March.


Hopeless Charity Commission whitewashes yet another Islamist group.

Well, she offered me the lead role on this one as she is the producer. Me-spring, Rohana-summer, Rosnah-Autumn and Shamsul-winter.

cerekarama semadikan aku

She organises all types of parties you name it. It was a fun one indeed. I love my job October, 17 Dimensions: It has been a while since I’ve done dramas and telemovies. Let me tell you! I will update soon.

Cerekarama IHSAN part 1 8 – VidInfo

Paella, by Land and Cereksrama. Published on Oct 17, Standard YouTube License http: Hopefully Kerat 14 will be showing on the silver screen somewhere in August. Anyway, I recently just finished a cerekarama for tv3 ‘Semadikan Roh Aku’. Yes, it is a horror flick. You may all know Sis Sheila Rusly, the famous Malaysian actress?

cerekarama semadikan aku

It’s important to challenge myself with different roles, different scenes and different scripts. Life is about making decisions and being happy.

This feature is not available right now.

Semadikan Aku (سماديكن اكو) : Full Movie [ʜᴅ]

Both very exciting projects. I have never actually spent my birthday as big as this year. Can’t wait to shoot! Learning about the props and costumes they designed for the film and seeing each sets right in front of your eyes. I will keep you guys updated here, as well as facebook and twitter. The vice of zina fornication — Part 2. We have all good personality traits.


cerekarama semadikan aku

Anak Derhaka filem pendek by Amierruldin abidin. Only because I played a ghost role before and standing on the side of the road in the dark is not a pretty sight and definitely not a good feeling.