Use of NACA or point-based profiles centralized data, extendable database. All the applications installed on your PC will appear 6. Tangential transition from spiral surface to discharge diffuser 3D model with enhanced surface. Improved triangulation of 3D models harmonic triangle distribution, adjustable triangulation parameters. Multiple definitions of specific speeds to serve different geographical standards. After removing CFturbo 9.

cfturbo 9.1

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cfturbo 9.1

Slip factor calculation Graphical information about slip factor calculation. Variable cross-section designs in circumferential direction optional definition of any number of cross-sections in circumferential direction. Additional slip factor model Backstroem model now available. Calculate blade-to-blade flow Calculate the blade load using Stanitz and Prian methodology.

The executable files below are part of CFturbo 9. New leading edge type with linear thickness change, nonsymmetry available. Additional diagrams for stators, compressors, and turbines Isentropic Mach number Critical area. Press the Uninstall Programs tool 5. The software company is: The full command line for uninstalling CFturbo 9.


Circular blade design blades can be modelled as cylinder surfaces to support sheet metal design in 3D CAD.

Release notes

All the applications installed on your PC will appear 6. Slip factor correlation according to Aungier Evolution of the Wiesner model. Fast navigation to the next design step without necessarily updating the 3D model.

Improved error handling, including automated bug reports Error descriptions with the possibility to send a bug report to CFturbo support. Further information about CFturbo cfturbi.

Software history of CFturbo

Notice that after you click CFturbo 9. For instance you can see that for CFturbo 9. Blade-to-blade potential flow calculation Show velocity and pressure distribution, absolute and relative velocity vectors. New impeller type “squirrel-cage” for centrifugal fans specific design theory, empirical correlations and geometric properties.

Navigate the list of applications until you find CFturbo 9. Cutwater simple 3D trimming alternative option to design the cutwater region.

cfturbo 9.1

Use of NACA or point-based profiles centralized data, extendable database. Real gas models Various real gas models as an alternative to ideal gas approach. Flexible definition of flow cturbo blade angles.


Show velocity triangles on a span more information at blade design. Elliptical cross-sections for volutes Available cftrubo all round shapes. A confirmation window will show up. Create ruled surfaces use two to 15 spans. Update of input cdturbo in the input field Can be done manually or automatically. Safety rating in the lower left corner. Flexible inlet conditions for volute design Automated design or manual adjustment. Variable rotational speed For multi-stage applications Varying speed for contra-rotating impellers Individual speed for each impeller.

Context menus Menu pages become available depending on selected component and view. CoolProp Database Library for fluid properties www. Compute throat area Calculate throat area and the largest sphere cftyrbo which can pass through the blade channel. Basic functions for double spiral design Splitter 2nd spiral cutwater at variable position.