If you have logged accounting data done by setting the Security Rule’s Track column to Account , you can base the report calculations on the number of bytes transferred. In order to backup the export results save the entire content of the directory in c: If both types of information are available, they will both be displayed in the sort order you have specified. Changing SmartReporter configuration files. Maximum requests handled concurrently – Set to The Log Consolidator reads the Consolidation Rules sequentially and processes each log according to the first Rule that it matches. Report Structure Each report consists of a collection of sub-topics known as sections , which cover various aspects of the report.

checkpoint smartreporter

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The root directory for all report uploads is the FTP root directory the user specified in User Name field. The database data files can be placed on several disks.

In addition, dividing records between tables facilitates managing the SmartReporter Database: The Log Consolidation process results in a database of the most useful, relevant records, known as the SmartReporter Database. In a Multi-Domain environment, you can choose which domains to synchronize in the SmartReporter client, smartreporterr the Domain Activation menu. These servers are now referred to according to their role in the Chexkpoint High Availability scenario as Active or Standby, where any Security Management Server can function as the active Security Management Server.

You can change the SmartReporter database settings by modifying the my. When setting a report period, note that the following settings will slow down the report generation speed:. If it is ignored, no record of this log is saved in the SmartReporter database and the smatrreporter is smartrepodter available for report generation. This process may take several seconds to several hours, depending on the amount of data that is currently in the database.


Make sure that these recorded database files are copied to a new location so that they are not forgotten.

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The number of bytes transferred can be calculated only if the Security Rules’ Track column is set to Account.

The SmartReporter Policy is a collection of Consolidation Rules that control which log information to extract and consolidate.

It will appear on the left. Join Date Posts 3, Rep Power Checkloint Consolidated Session More Information window appears. Generating a substantial report may fail to execute the required SQL query if there is not enough disk space for the temporary directory.

You do database management operations in these ways: This file is provided by Check Point. The restore procedure does not add the backup database contents to the existing database.

Using SmartReporter

The Customized Distribution script will time-out after the number of seconds entered in the Distribution page of the Reporter’s options. After the initial synchronization, it gets updates whenever an object is saved.

checkpoint smartreporter

Sets smartreportfr level of database RAM usage. A new window appears containing the results of the report generation. The database will recover the disk space allocated for logs for about an hour after the maintenance operation is complete.


checkpoint smartreporter

Report Generation Phase Considerations Adapting Report Detail Level to your Needs When a report is very detailed, it may become difficult to sort out the most significant results and understand it. When checkplint record gets to be more than a specific number of days old for example, the High-end numberthat record is removed from the database.

Using SmartReporter

To delete a database and create a new database: The Activate Now button begins the process of maintaining the database according to the settings in the Database Automatic Maintenance Setting window. Specifying the appropriate filter settings is the key to extracting the information you are looking for. Generating Only Selected Sections By default, specific sections are included in the report generation and sections that require a great deal of resources that is, report generation time and the report size are not selected.

To interpret direction data, the network’s topology must be defined accurately. This section describes the considerations you should take into account before starting to use SmartReporter. Join Date Posts 7 Rep Power 0. To generate a report based on log files that are not part of the log file sequence fw.