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This is the sixth mission in Club Penguin's "Mission 6" series. This one requires you to find a picture of your username, and then write about it.
club penguin mission 6 step by step | Spanglers – General Blog News
club penguin mission 6 step by step | Spanglers – General Blog News

PSA Mission 6: Questions for a Crab

Questions for a Crab is the sixth PSA Mission. On this mission, Klutzy escapes seize from G and runs off to Herbert P. Bear, with you following him.

Spoiler alert: Plot and/or ending particulars observe.

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You’ll begin the mission within the Gadget Room. G has captured Klutzy within the Crab Translator 3000, and can ask him some questions. Klutzy cuts the bars of the cage he is in and causes the machine to overload. He’ll run out the Gadget Room, and G will order you to observe him.

Comply with Klutzy exterior the Gadget Room, into the HQ, within the Sport Store, exterior to the Ski Village, and up the Ski Hill, which he jumps off. It’s a must to bounce down after him, and find yourself shedding your map within the fall. Comply with Klutzy once more via the wilderness, and he’ll escape right into a cave blocked off by a locked door and a pet door.

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Return to the start of the wilderness, and head proper. You may see a giant bag of O’ Berries connected to a tree utilizing a rope. Reduce the rope utilizing the scissors in your Spy Cellphone, and take the bag. Go proper to the realm with the tree stump, and you will see a hungry and acquainted black puffle. Feed it an O’ Berry, and it’ll observe you round.

Return to the cave Klutzy escaped into. Throw an O’ Berry via the pet door, and the black puffle will open the massive door from contained in the cave. Now you’ll be able to go in.

Enter the cave, and a large cage will drop on you! The black puffle will disguise behind a rock, and your Spy Cellphone will fall. Herbert P. Bear will method you and take your Spy Cellphone. He’ll reveal his backstory with a flipchart: Herbert hated the chilly and tried to flee from the North Pole. He sailed on an iceberg for months and finally reached Membership Penguin Island. He fell off the iceberg and Klutzy carried him to the shore. Now Herbert is making an attempt to make the island hotter by chopping down the Ski Lodge and making a giant fireplace for himself. The flipchart is promptly destroyed by Klutzy driving a woodcutting machine.

Door blocked by

The black puffle will come out from behind a rock. Scroll the display screen till you discover the cage carry system. Because you’re trapped within the cage, you’ll be able to’t transfer, however you’ll be able to throw O’ Berries to point out the puffle the place he ought to go. First, activate the water utilizing the pink change. Then angle the slide to make the water circulation left. Lastly, make the puffle go on the load change to carry up the cage utilizing the waterwheel.

Now that you have escaped the cage, you’ll be able to freely discover Herbert’s base. Go searching till you discover the door you entered the cave with. Open it, however snow will fall down and block the doorway. You want a option to soften it. On Herbert’s desk, you may discover some sizzling sauce. Put it on an O’ Berry, and feed it to the black puffle in entrance of the door. The spiciness will trigger him to gentle on fireplace and soften a gap within the snow. Now you are free to go away the cave. Earlier than you permit, seize the anchor and the rope and mix them for a makeshift grappling hook.

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Return to the realm you initially fell and go to the cliff. Use your grappling hook to climb up again to the Ski Hill and go to the Outback Pond. Herbert is there, engaged on the machine Klutzy used to cut down the flowchart. It is the identical system he intends to make use of to cut down the Ski Lodge! Herbert will then complain that he desires some sizzling meals, like a seaweed pizza.

G with

Stroll to the Pizza Parlor and order a seaweed pizza. Deliver it again to Herbert. Set the pizza subsequent to him, and he’ll begin consuming it. Whereas he eats, you’ll be able to work together with the woodcutting machine. Flip the change from inexperienced to pink, and when Herbert is completed with the pizza, he’ll use the machine. The change modified the course of the machine from ahead to backwards, so Herbert and Klutzy are despatched into the frozen lake on the opposite aspect. The mission will finish, however not earlier than getting an indignant name from Herbert on G’s spy telephone.

Secret: When in Herbert’s cave, take the blueprints off of the wall and provides them again to G whenever you get again.

You’ll obtain the Mission 6 Medal. In case you gave G his blueprints, you may get the Magnet Blueprints.

Spoilers finish right here.

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  • A shortcut might be taken on this mission. When falling down the Ski Hill with Klutzy, the participant can click on the map earlier than it’s misplaced and go to the Ski Village. This skips the wilderness phase altogether, and the participant will find yourself on the half the place they have to deliver Herbert a seaweed pizza.
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