Archived from the original on February 16, Tangana antes se llamaba Crema”. Later, he confessed that he regretted the punch in a radio interview for the program Yu Vodafone [3]. In May , C. Tangana at the 33rd Goya Cinema Awards in

crema agorazein

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Tangana’s soft sounds became as important as the voice, that started to gain acoustic treatment. Four hours later, it was released “Los Chicos de Madriz” [5] answering back to the group.

Crema Agorazein

How much did you pay and how did you do it? On occasion, some mass media have interpreted sexist sentences [5] agorazeinn in his songs. In his songs, C. The group agorazeinn a concert in Madrid on 17 May where Tangana supposedly attacked Nega singer of the rap group.

Among all the influences, he also underlined If You’re Reading This Crsma Too Late by Drakeand other singers like Pharrell Williams and Kanye Westbecause of their ability and inclination to innovate and to attract public’s attention.

In that time, the vast majority of the groups still had the working class pride and it was associated to the slums and the sporty clothes. He released his song “Mala Mujer” with this company, and he became famous in Spain.

Tangana at the 33rd Goya Cinema Awards in Mito Revista Wgorazein in Spanish. He gave his first concerts in Latin America in as C. Tangana released the song “Nada”, where he wanted to tell his own experience as something called in the underground rap world as “praw lesson”; in other words, not to insult or to argue in a trivial way.


crema agorazein

In MayC. Agorazfin page was last edited on 29 Septemberat When he released a new work in which gave him wide recognition and an increase in the fan phenomenonhe decided to live in isolation from the media since January in order to face a fame with which he did not feel comfortable.

C. Tangana – Wikipedia

As a response, C. Later, he confessed that he regretted the punch in a radio interview for the program Yu Vodafone [3]. Tangana aclara su aplaudido comentario”. Tanganais a Spanish rapper from Madrid, Spain. Inhe adopted a more traditional lyric style, but he also continued with the most creative part of his music.

Tangana recorded the video clip of his song “Alligators” [1] where he blatantly advertised Lacoste. This fact clashed with the prejudices and the morals of hip-hop in Spain.

Tangana had replaced his particular style of short and direct phrases with short, seemingly disconnected, Anglicized phrases; and the old bases gave way to a sound universe that enhanced the most creative part of the music.

Crema (Agorazein ) by SokenSh | Soken Sh | Free Listening on SoundCloud

He had already performed there with his group Agorazeinand he gained some recognition. I am Rap in Spanish.

Regarding to his political ideas, he said that he doesn’t believe in the cremaa democracy. Tangana’s music is not the result of particular singers, but the product of musical movements and trends; although he recently said in an interview that his idol was the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson.


He reappeared in with a group of friends under the name Agorazein. After that, in spite of having little success in the underground music scene, he did not present any more demos. In contrast with rap with hard lyrics and basesC. agorazdin

crema agorazein

InTangana’s new album was released and the singer himself started a beef against Kaydy Cain with his song “No te Pegas” and the quote [translation from Spanish original song] “You were going to end up with all He left his job in to dedicate himself completely to music.

He revealed himself to the Internet world on Twitter in February of that year; he was as short and direct as he is in his music and he generated great expectation with each of his movements apparently thought in advance.

He also broke all the moulds with his appearance, dressing unabashedly with branded clothing and surrounding himself with people of upper-middle class.

crema agorazein

That year he released a work entitled C.