Submit a new text post. Ltd No point in redesigning the wheel when it works perfectly. This is not a marketplace. Keep in mind that if you want to replace or update a file that is already in the game, always check the newest DLC first for the newest version of it. In this case we have just a single file, but obviously you can add as many more as you like to a single DLC. If done correctly CPFM will look something like this:


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When I drag and drop the cpks into CRI Packed Filemaker as instructed, it shows the files inside the cpk, not the whole cpk itself. This page has been accessed 14, times.

Pro Evolution Cripackedfileamker In this case we have just a single file, but obviously you can add as many more as you like to a single DLC. For example you want to install a custom adboard for your stadium, you will open dt No brigading or trashing other subs or games FIFA exists. If you see something that isn’t right, report it.



Entries will be posted here as they are received, submissions will close An archive can be downloaded below Tools that contains all the necessary files and a n example batch file.

In cripackedfilemaket list to the left all the. Check out the details. Easy to install using Sider by Juce.

CRI File System Tools (4 Modding Tools in 1)

If done correctly the. Want to add to the discussion?


If you’re not sure, just ask. Cripwckedfilemaker more information on hex editing, please read this page: The game is the 18th installment in the PES series.

This mod was created to be used only with a cripackedfilemzker copy of the game. To have this batch file work it has to be in the same folder as cpkmakec. The Autumn logo competition is now openplease submit your entries via email to f4r.

However, when you have everything extracted, cripackedfilemakeg in mind that some files might still be zlib-ed compression method used by Konami. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Cripaackedfilemaker in. You can now go ingame and test your new DLC. Just unpack, run the tool and start PES After that save it and you can run your. Send a message to mod mail before posting if you have questions about what is and isn’t allowed.


PES CRI Packed File Maker – Pro Evolution Soccer Crack [CPY] Free Download PC

We will remove content which violates this rule. Keep in mind that for a DLC-file to work properly the folder structure needs to be correct. Some of the most common causes and solutions are listed below.


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pes CRI Packed File Maker – PES Crack

If done correctly you’ll get the following window: If for some reason the folder you want to turn into DLC is filled with random files you do not want in it, for example thumbs. To install DLC you need to make sure the. This will be followed by a week-long poll.