The data will be migrated and you only need to install the v4 compatible addons. If your subscription is active, you are able to upgrade your CS-Cart 4. Several functions may not work. Ability to specify rates per items restored. All tags attached to the product were removed on save. When will it be available?

cs-cart 4.0.2

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Would appreciate if you can have a look! Category images are back! A block was shown even with 4.02. items in it. The MySQL strict mode was not supported. The Google Tag Manager ad An endless loop occured when one of 2 mutually required products was removed from cart. Hi, I am looking for the Upgrade of the version. Payment integration updated to suit the latest service updates. Please follow the news in our blog: I’m just waiting for cs-cart to release CS-Cart 4.

Incorrect message on failed URL upload.

Product code was not changed even if its option combination had a different code. Birthday field value was reverted after update. Multi-language URLs were not supported. On vendor creation, the new vendor e-mail was used as the From field value.


CS-Cart Addons & Themes

Products named in Cyrillic letters were displayed in URL encoding in the payment admin area. Buy Product Link This add-on allows you to add a link to buy a product on a product detail page to speed up the purchase process.

cs-cart 4.0.2

Or only CS-Cart core files? They’ve already given me the updated files that are going to be in 4.

cs-cart 4.0.2

Now the price of a gift certificate can only be entered in the primary currency. Find out how to contact us.

I Was waiting for long time for this to launch my site live.

CS-Cart 4.0.2: Store Import, CDN Support, and More

I am hoping it was still in beta and the final 4. Removed discount coupons were restored after order saving. Popup dialog content would scroll to top after an inner element with a tooltip had been clicked. New styles were not applied on preset cloning.

Vendor could change product vendor on the bulk update page. The Issuer field added to hold the data of the administrator which created an order via the admin panel. Lastly, more templates, and email management integration with mailchimp, getresponse, aweber, icontact, etc… They have cs-carr server that guarantees email delivery and helps you manage newsletters much better than a selfhosted one like cscart.


The store import tool would be a great thing … if it worked. You can report any issues on the Bug tracker. I have a bilingual site and it could be great to make it work on my product descriptions!

CS-Cart Changelog — CS-Cart x documentation

Technically, Store Import can be used to do jump between patch and minor versions for example, from 4. Affiliate Light Diversify your marketing campaigns with Affiliate program. 4.02 clicked, the user will be redirected