The Boot audio greeting option in the last tab of the Sound Configuration screen promises some originality: In this article, I focus on the Custom option. Category Comparison List Commons. The next step is to define your root password and create an additional user account Figure 5. Because the Live CD Generator is designed for speed and ease of use, it does not offer the full range of options available if you are building a complete system from scratch.

custom nimblex

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custom nimblex

Even though the ClamAV anti-virus and the Guarddog firewall are installed by default, no non-root user account is created during the installation, no root password is required to log on to the nimbkex, and the default root password is displayed on NimbleX’s web site. The discussion page may contain suggestions. This article needs to be updated. The tool resembles the graphical installation wizard included with many conventional Linux systems. NimbleX [1] is a minimal Linux distribution based on Slackware.

The desktop and applications are also very fast. This page was last edited on 6 Mayat If you click the right arrow to proceed to the next screen, the generator asks you to select a level of customization.

For example, you can type an individual greeting in the box say, Welcome to My Linux box and click on the down arrow to listen to the screen reader’s rendering of the welcome message see Figure 4.

Because the Live CD Generator is designed for speed and ease of use, it does not offer the full range of options available if you are building a complete system from scratch. A review of the edition wondered “how they managed to include KDE, not to mention cudtom other applications”, [7] having included in the size of only MB a window-based graphical user interface a slimmed down KDE to fitthe Firefox web browser, the office documents editor KOfficea PDF reader, a nimble player that can play almost all the file formats without the need to install a codecthe photo editing software GIMPanti-virus and Bluetooth support integrated to name a few applications included.


Please update this article to nibmlex recent events or newly available information. The next step is to nimmblex your root password and create an additional custo, account Figure 5.

NimbleX – Wikipedia

As ofthe installation process of major Linux distributions can be customized by custlm custom installation disks, usually called spinsbut creating a spin requires a certain amount of expertise, and creating a spin that can run from the installation nimbpex requires further customization. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. NimbleX screenshot with Kword and Kspread. In this article, I focus on the Custom option. Your own custom Linux is now ready to go.

NimbleX uses a 2.

Easy Builder

These features made the distribution popular early on: The wallpaper image is not tiled, but scaled, so nimlex sure you choose an image of sufficient quality. Views Read Edit View history. I even tried to hinder or cripple it’s boot time, and even on a dog slow pendrive or an old as dirt test machine, it still booted amazingly fast. Typical office, web browsing and messaging components nimboex included, but NimbleX hardly offers any graphical administration tools — most administration tasks, like adding a new user, have to be performed from the command line.


The idea of mixing your own distribution is fantastic, and the approach is foolproof. Other important software that are supported in a bigger NimbleX package are OpenOffice.

custom nimblex

Everything you need you can find with little danger of detouring or losing your way. Cstom even at its current state of evolution, Custom NimbleX is still worthwhile. In the summary screen, accept the selected options and click the execute arrow.

custom nimblex

The generator offered no options for the Libraries category at the time this issue went to press. Another problem is that some NimbleX packages are created by repackaging Slackware packages. If the Live CD Generator offered nnimblex larger selection of state-of-the-art programs, it would be perfect.

The Recommended option is similar, nimlex the Minimal option really doesn’t require much explanation because it just cooks up a CD without additional input. NimbleX is also a very compact distribution.

It presents the user with a series of choices defining the characteristics of the system and generates an ISO image, which is then available for immediate download.

NimbleX is reported to boot fast; an important factor in user experience when running from optical media or USB drives.