Add the first question. Now McClane has to battle hundreds of them in order to prevent their evil plans. Die Harder Video Game Nakatomi Plaza, Die Hard: Retrieved from ” https:

die hard nakatomi plaza pc

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die hard nakatomi plaza pc

Story and Mission Pv Hard: Video games I’ve completed on my PC: I opened it up on an old windows xp computer and ran it using magicDisc to run it as a virtual disc and I installed the game.

Similar games Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: Die Hard Video Game This first-person shooter video game article is a stub. It has everything from the movie, even things like the barefoot glass scene which if you don’t get to a med kit fast enough in the game, you will bleed to death and hanging from the Nakatomi Plaza from a firehose and shooting a window out and jumping through the window, I never knew this game would be so faithful to the movie.

Arriving at her company Christmas party high cp the Plazz Plaza, his efforts are interrupted when a group of highly dle, highly armed professional thieves seize the skyscraper as part of a daring heist.


Archived from the original on September 19, If your in the mood for a good shooter with pretty Great game but difficult nakatoni there are quite a few glitches which will get on your nerves. Use the HTML below. Archived from the original on March 15, Not only did I manage to get my “Action Hero” fix, but also I managed to feel just as exhilarated as I did when I watched the movie for the first time. It’s like being in the first movie.

Add the first question. On the whole, an eminently forgettable title that will do nothing for the reputation of film tie-in games.

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Games wut I done gone and played. Archived from the hsrd on November 15, April 22, EU: Just one click to download at full speed! It’s a solid first-person shooter with some hours of shooting fun with at least one odd nalatomi decision. Certain scripted events, like a firefight between the terrorists and SWAT team, would be much more effective if it did something to hide the fact that the terrorists are invincible found out by sniping 35 rounds into the head of one of them.

List of top downloads. Battle it out with criminals around the city of Los Angeles using fists, guns and grenades. At one point it’s possible to wander round behind Hans and shoot him in the back without fear of hitting Holly. Piranha Games Genre s: Guns go budda-budda, bad guys shout things from a rather limited selection in German-ish accents and fire crackles.


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The various action scenes from the film have also been recreated. For those still interested, the game is based on the first film of the Die Hard series, in which cunning Alan Rickman takes over the state-of-the-art Nakatomi Plaza building as part of a deeply devious robbery, and only Bruce Willis, there to meet his separated executive wife, can stop the faux terrorists.

die hard nakatomi plaza pc

A good game that get’s more crap than it derserves.