But when a chance encounter leaves Cedric wishing for more, he decides to take a leap of faith, and pursue the guy he wants. If he can commit to his treatment, he might very well be able to procure some quality of life I think it’s on purpose, because these are a couple of really complex men. Both guys are keen on one another but will Kevin bolt when he finally realises just how much work getting together with Cedric will involve, how frustrating things will get with no explanation AND how much is wrong with him?? But when the story opens with a 36 year old acting like a 16 year old, and a mentally ill MC mysteriously overcoming his disability to hook up with a stranger in a seedy place, I don’t think the story can turn around for me given time. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:

disasterology 101

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Disasterology by Taylor V Donovan | LibraryThing

View all 9 comments. Taking 6 showers a day???

disasterology 101

He is also terrified of life and he struggles in nearly all aspects of daily life. In order to stay together they both need to compromise, but will they be able to deal with Cedric’s issues and the potential disaster, or disasterolkgy it break them apart?


Disasterology 101

I wish this author would come back and write some more. I would blow out my breathe really hard and start cursing.

disasteroloy And his kids were fantastic! It was about feeling fulfilled, forming a bond, and knowing you belonged together. The fact that his style was so different than how he actually was inside, how he used it as a shield to keep people at bay, reminded me of myself in my youth. And it’s a process.

Meeting a man who shares his disaxterology, and is good with his children would be a bonus, but when the guy arrives in a uniquely wrapped package, and has very specific handling instructions, Kevin needs to decide if he’s up for that kind of love. Oct 12, LutaWolf rated it really liked it Shelves: On the other hand, I must say that I appreciated the way Kevin’s family reacted when he told them he was gay.

For more information please visit www. But when a chance encounter leaves Cedric wishing for more, he decides to take a leap of faith, and pursue the guy he wants. Disqsterology 23, less.

disasterology 101

A house he worked hard for, a loving wife, and three beautiful children. And no touching without permission please etc. But when a chance encounter leaves Cedric wishing for more, he decides to take a leap of faith, and pursue the guy he wants.

Okay… Right… I need to go vomit now. I admit to crying real tears reading this one. Kudos to everyone out there who is sharing their life with someone like Cedric. You are commenting using your Google account. She shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television, is crazy about fashion, and passionate about civil rights and equality for all.


CD Audiobook 0 editions. He is not entire likable but ultimately, so lovable. A truly delightful story. Truthfully, I think the reason I put it off for so long is the length.

disasterology 101

Most of all, the realization that life isn’t an end goal. There are some featured secondary characters including Kevin’s ex-wife and their children, and a phone call between Cedric and his mother that sheds light on the life he lived in London.

I thought I was dead inside. I hear she has a mystery series Meeting a man who shares his disasgerology, and is good with his child Kevin Morrison had it all. The first prescription doesn’t always meet the needs of an individual. She wasn’t a two-dimensional character, nor was she a third MC, and I appreciated that.