Btw, AI is great when building items but I think they are now less agressive than the last 6. Hodukin April 2, at If you need a reply say and I’ll see to upload one If not, I can translate into Vietnamese Language. And thanks again for working on the problems and gettin it out ASAP. Ervin June 29, at 3:

dota v674c

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Meepo clones using BoT Tweaked: Venda Elric August 16, at Though she also has two feet, that does’nt seem right for her, LOL, haha.

dota v674c

We HOPE that it works! B33thov3n April 7, at 7: I just hope you can make them cast spells immediately without waiting for the opponent’s hp to drop down.

DotA vc AI b ~ BloggeRizqy

Visage’s Aghanim not recognized as priority in further development, all new Aghanim will be recognized automatically Fixed: I also found that centa now won’t initiate with stomp immediately, rather he waits dot either enemy dying or he died first. Also a minor fix to the official code Download Dota Hot Keys Here. Anonymous April 4, at 9: Sobat dota mania bisa download map dota lod 6. Really worth the wait.


Dota v6.74c lod v6d

Mok’Nathal April 30, at 3: After been playing with AIs ever since 6. I made a post with pictures in PlayDotA.

dota v674c

And those complaining about the wait, go die in a fire. Geoff May 11, at I saw that some heroes bought 5 x Boots of Speed, some other bought not optimal equipment.

All of you have do a great effort for the AI-dota community. Amstiel April 3, at 3: Now go over to playdota. PBMN this bug’s map has please corrects soon.

Many, many thanks to the team for another great release! ArrogancE April 2, at 6: Great thanks for all AI Development Team!! D But I have something to say. If not, I can v674v into Vietnamese Language.

Dota V674C Lod V5E Download

Leonardo April 7, at 8: Leonardo April 26, at AI building more than 6 luxuries Fixed: Not sure if I’ve posted this at the wrong section or not.

I hope it can be fixed soon. Changes v6744c in the list here. However the Shop is still considered under fog and cannot be clicked, but the vision is available.