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The Social Menu is a part of DragonVale where players are able to look at the gifts they have received, view their friends list, and look at news directly from Backflip Studios. It is also possible to log into FB2.png Facebook, check Game Center achievements, enter redeem codes, and view IOS7GameCenterIcon.png Game Center standings. In addition, players can also invite friends via FB2.png Facebook, Email, and/or SMS, and use the menu to visit a random park.

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This section is used to view and collect gifts that have been received by friends or/and Backflip Studios.

  • Upon the introduction of this feature Backflip Studios gave players the Bed of Roses decoration.
  • Special promotions becomes available for collection in this section after entering the code correctly in the redeem codes option.
  • Event prizes becomes available for collection in this section after completing specific tasks. Three examples of events that were introduced are the Light Magic Event, Dark Magic Event, and the Magic Egg Hunt event.

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This section also notifies players how many gifts are available to still give for the day, and allows players to accept a gift and clear the notification after accepting it. It also allows players to give gifts back (if any available) to their friends who gifted them initially.

On October 9, 2013, players received a one-time gift for each shrine they have leveled before the 2.0 Update. Silver shrines rewarded players with 15 gems and 250,000 treats, whereas gold shrines rewarded players with 40 gems and 1,000,000 treats.

2013 Gifts 2014 Gifts 2015 Gifts


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Main article: Friends

This section allows players to view a list of their DragonVale friends and to give them gifts. It also notifies players how many gifts are available to still give for the day and allows players to visit their friends’ park.

On an unknown date, the font for the Friends Menu option was modified.

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