It is also an available option in Tessellate , although it is implemented with some inaccuracies regarding double rotation. Final – Joker is ranked by level then time, Final – Furthest is ranked by clear time. If a rotation fails, but the rotation button is held down, the rotation will occur as soon as the piece is moved away from the blockage causing the rotation to fail. As long as a piece is able to pass one of the kick tests, it will kick and rotate, no matter what adjacent blocks are occupied. This has been called “Failure Compensation”.

dtet tetris

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This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat Pieces spawn horizontally in the center, left of center for the odd width pieces with their topmost solid block in row Another subtle use of the first method is not to double rotate, but to mirror the wall kick test order: The game is free but at the time there was a backlash against Tetris clones like Heboris and such, and Mihys the creator of DTETwhile not particularly concerned by that, has stopped distributing the game out of respect for Mihara and the Tetris Company.


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dtet tetris

However, due to its sophisticated button processing routine, DTET still manages to retain the facility for rapid double rotations without having to double-tap with a single finger. Although DTET only features two rotate buttons with no duplicate, it is still possible for the player to produce double rotations, without having to double-tap with a single finger.

This situation can arise if the buttons are pressed simultaneously, or if one or both buttons were pressed at an ealier frame but could not effect a rotation at that time due to some obstacle, and therefore Failure Compensation was applied.

DTET Rotation System

Normally “Rotate Left” rotates counter-clockwise, and “Rotate Right” rotates clockwise. I don’t know why exactly though lol edit: Share This Page Tweet.

dtet tetris

Remaining lives will add up to tetgis pretty consequent game clear bonus, so keep that in mind and survive. DTET’s wall kicks are sometimes described as “symmetric”, the reason being that kicks left and down-left take precedence when rotating counter-clockwise, and kicks right and down-right take precedence when rotating clockwise:.

[DTET] All rankings

For as long as a button is pressed held downDTET will continually attempt to process it, every frame, until it succeeds in producing a rotation. Two methods can be used:. In addition to testing for wall kicks 1 cell to the left and right, DTET will also continue to test for wall kicks 1 cell down, followed by 1 cell diagonally down-left and down-right.

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It might have been overdue or not, considering whether this game is interesting for you twtris not, but since I’ve seen some people trying this game at least semi-seriously, I think this thread was needed Dhet here it is!

dtet tetris

When rotating JL and T tetrominoes, there is a third possibility that is attempted when the above two fail:. The system was not given a specific name by Mihys, the author of the game. Once a pressed button has produced a rotation, it must be released before it can produce any further rotations.

DTET Rotation System – TetrisWiki

This has been called “Rotation Reversal”, and effectively allows the player to produce two successive rotations in the same sense. Views Read View source View history. Line clear delay can also be canceled in this manner. Does it work on Win7 or Win10? After making a hard dropenter an input during ARE to immediately spawn the next piece. tehris

No, create an account now. Retrieved from ” https: Qlex11 Dec Thread in ‘ Competition ‘ started by m. The system was not given a specific name by Mihys, the author of the game.

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