They were down for about three months in summer but are working again. Each, including dundjinni, has pros and cons so check them all out and see what you like from them all. What’s a Token Pack? How much does Dundjinni cost? Note the first Mac release was v. We also made a few minor fixes that seem to have improved performance speed a bit. How do I get technical support?

dundjinni platinum 1.07

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Fluid Entertainment is a small group of designers, programmers, and artists with many years of experience in the software game industry.


Others are available and more are always under development. For a more complete description, visit the Features page. A collection of ISO-type symbols and covers for overland mapping. Weird that you mention Photoshop, because in my experience PS is unable to handle the same size maps as well as DJ can.

Click on 1.70 pit to assign it characteristics.

dundjinni platinum 1.07

RP Tools works on one computer. At loooong last, the new patch to Dundjinni is ready!

Dundjinni is a trademark of Dundjinni Enterprises. Although Wizard’s had no development plafinum financial involvement this time around with Fluid’s latest, we’re happy to have their sign off and be a part of the D20 family. How much does an art pack cost? This is a collection of symbols, objects, covers, floors, fill styles and textures created by members of the Dundjinni forums.


You can order it through several different distributors see the previous question for a list. Free for personal and commercial use. The only problem we had with it were quite a number of complaints from some of our users over CC2’s steep learning curve.

Dundjinni Mapping Software РForums: Can’t find the installed Software

And we’re pretty happy about that, because as a smaller entity, it permits us to listen more closely to what the community wants and act on it. I’m trying to install it but its sending me back the error that there doesn’t seem to be an existing installation of Dundjinni on this computer.

Each, including dundjinni, has pros and cons so check them all out and see what you like from them all. Originally Posted by Steel General.

Dundjinni handles the GM side of the utility universe. The new version is compatible with Vista and the latest versions of Javafixing a number of annoying bugs that cropped up with those versions.

dundjinni platinum 1.07

We were pretty happy with CC2 Pro. It’s an excellent work. What’s a Token Pack? I’m familiar dkndjinni CC3 and AutoRealm and have been mostly making maps in Photoshop, which I find easier than either of those products.


All times are GMT It’s pretty incredible and does dindjinni about everything you might need to run a campaign top to bottom. It will contain both the setup file and the installation guide. Dundjinni appears to be fading away More files must be downloaded for Vol. That EULA change is awesome! The best answer to this question is to download the free demo from the Dundjinni Demo page and see for your self.

For a small business to be without a storefront for two months has got to be suicidal What is Wizard’s take on Dundjinni?


dundjinni platinum 1.07

Originally Posted by Mark Oliva. Shortly afterward, Dundjinni Enterprises started releasing a lot of advance material on the coming Version 2. For a more precise description of the commercial use allowed as well as the credit required, please see the EULA itself.