Repeat this step for all your Silkroad versions. But after building the Application. Page 1 of You will need to add the loader and the dll to your safe file list. I should also mention that this loader should work fine with all the other versions as well. Sorry, but I’ve not gotten into bypassing or disabling those third party protections, so I can’t help you there.

edx loader elitepvpers

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First, I’d like to say e,itepvpers to all the people who tested and offered valuable feedback for the first beta! No more unpacked clients are required! Added one instance support so only one Loader window can be active at a time.

This didn’t happen to me in version 2.

Reported “advertising without a link back to elitepvpers is forbidden and will be punished with an infraction warning if it’s for the first time “. You will need to add the loader and the Elitepvpes to your safe file list! Unpacked clients are no longer required. JSRO – Not supported. Wait until a new dialog appears. KSRO – Fully supported. Click “Add” under Silkroad Directories.


Edx Loader MultiAcc

Please read the FAQs over first. Originally Posted by outsider This is true of version 2 and 3 of the loader and has nothing to do with any updates to the loader itself. You may close the loader at any time you wish or just leave it open. Register for your free account! For some reason I can’t use AppLocale with this version.

help in edx loader

Repeat this step for all your Silkroad versions. Requires an unpacked client to work properly.

edx loader elitepvpers

Repeat Steps for each client you wish to run. Please see the “Updates” section for changes. Originally Posted by shiiit.

Edx Loader Problem

Configure your patches for this particular client. I had to rewrite the English Patch a bit, but it should work fine now. Could u help me?

edx loader elitepvpers

This will be the last planned update for this version of the loader unless I broke something in this release. You may close the loader at any time you wish or just leave it open.


edx loader elitepvpers

Please wait up to a few minutes for the first client to actually start. I have went ahead and fixed a number of small things to make the tool more usable and accessible for people as the first beta thread has grown pretty large and contains a lot of outdated information.

Register for your free account! If you use this version and have something to report, please make sure to mention it’s this version rather than the first one posted. CSRO – Fully supported. Maybe pack file is corruted or someone is already accesing it now KSRO – Fully supported.

Choose the Silkroad directory you wish to use and click Launch after setting the Division and Login server you wish to use.

Requires an unpacked client to work properly as of 2.