These styles are not a copy of the normal styles but override the styles where needed. Testing the mobile support can easily be done in either an iPhone or Android simulator, but also in the actual devices. A criterion can refer to anything and developers can create their own criteria, although we do of course provide a lot of the basics out-of-the-box. We define a smaller screen to be less than px. The menu is hidden by default and is shown when the menu button is clicked. To be honest, I agreed.

episerver cms 6 r2

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Specifically Erik Nordin asked if it was possible to set the custom settings through code. I wanted a plug in that would give me more granular access to page types in EPiServer, to allow me to specify who could edit certain pages types, not just create them. I recently encountered an issue where EPiServer Composer appeared to be serving up old versions of pages, even after they have been published. Even though the cmw 4 has an estimated px it will still respond to the px.

More specifically they wanted to remove publish rights to a specific langauge in EPiServer. The scenario is as follows: Using a mouse to hover over a block I expected to see this: I was at a client site and they asked why users could edit a page that they did not have access to create.

EPiServer CMS 6R2 general hotfix up to version .501

This means mcs developers easy can install a website and it will be up and running on the fly. It is also worth noting that on-page editing can also now be done in Firefox. These styles are not a copy of the normal styles but override the styles where needed. I explained the access was for create permissions only but the client disagreed and thought that if you cannot access a page type then why should you be able to edit it?


I have previously released EPiRobots which is a generic robots.

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I was using a Windows 8. I translated this requirement to mean it should be possible to specify who should have publish rights on a per langauge basis. However the javascript rendering of the menu will not work unless the mobile. The mobile support means that visitors coming from an Android cell phone or iPhone will be shown a different version episevrer the site. On-page edit has been greatly improved and now uses the same rich text editor as Edit mode.

It has no dependency on any page types, requires no. I was at a client site the when a question was asked about how to personalise content using the selected language. The latest update that can replace the version to be shipped with R2 can be downloaded from http: This happened after a period of time and to compound the issue it cma only noticable in view mode and not edit mode.


I asked what they meant and they said they they removed Create access in admin mode for a certain page type but users could still edit pages episrever were created with that page type. The new editing possibilities make it easier for all editors to quickly change and publish pages, not only with minor fms changes, but now also by, for example, adding images, links and dynamic content. The sample site contains the following templates out-of-the box:.

EPiServer CMS 6 R2 general hotfix to version

I noticed the UI didn’t seem to fully work. Upgrading CMS 6 R1 sites compiled against.

episerver cms 6 r2

The problem The problem occurs if all of the following are true: Testing the mobile support can easily be done in either an iPhone or Android simulator, but also in the actual devices. The scenario is as follows:.

Episeerver discussions with some collegues I have added some additional features. Recently I wanted to update to the very latest version of the Geo-IP database to ensure a client’s site targeted countries as accurately as possible.

To be honest, I agreed. You can see all the details below.

episerver cms 6 r2

However the client in question also wanted more control over the access rights on langauges too.