This means that you can operate your mobile phone without any time-consuming tapping on the display. Potential errors are thereby minimized. Easily share text messages with colleagues or customers, or pass on important information quickly and straight away. This creates a bridge between dialogue with the customer on one hand and automated business processes on the other. More about the iOS and Android Apps. Test ProCall 6 Enterprise! We would be pleased to send you the presentation as file or the high resolution images for your use.

estos procall client

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This allows website visitors to get uncomplicated advice before buying or to arrange a video consulting appointment without great effort.

Native Client for macOS

The latest version has a modern design and a revised operating concept. Depending on the connected CRM or ERP program, additional possibilities exist which the employee can use during the call. estks

estos procall client

As simple as in a car. Connect different office locations to the same UCServer.

With business process integration, customer service is easy. VMware and Citrix support add the fi nishing touch to the portfolio. This creates a bridge between dialogue with the customer on one hand and automated business processes on the other. We would be pleased to send you this flyer by mail. It allows the connection of a telephone system to the PC allowing it to be easily controlled. Once linked, the transition from mobile application to fixed workstation is seamless and sstos can manage your entire communication with just one application on your PC.


Howto:ESTOS Procall as UC-Server for Presence – innovaphone-wiki

We would be pleased to send you the presentation as file or the high resolution images for your use. In the coming years, these new communication channels will continue to gain in importance and become standard.

Integrate different telephone systems from various manufacturers into one application, whether from the cloud or on the premises. It is also possible to switch directly from the conversation window to another application with just one click Keywords: The LDAP-compatible directory service consolidates the databases used by a company into one single information service and provides them in a consistent way.

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Native Client for macOS ProCall Enterprise With the native client for macOS, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the proven performance functions of the unified communications bestseller ProCall Enterprise and improve their collaboration. ProCall for the Mac workstation. ProCall Enterprise enables the integration of a contact portal on the website.

estos procall client

Presence and contact information can be viewed across branches. Because of the available data, optimization potentials can be identified much easier.

ProCall 6 Enterprise

Thanks to an integration with Bluetooth, you can, of course, also use the full CTI functionality of ProCall Enterprise to control your smartphone.

With these and other options, ProCall Enterprise offers a wide range of communication opportunities without requiring the user to make a choice.


This creates added value. ProCall Enterprise has few compulsory and a wide range of optional interfaces, ideally based on open standards. CTI functions computer telephony integration saves employees the procsll of typing in telephone numbers manually.

estos procall client

We are looking forward to informing you about our product possibilities and to discuss which options would be suitable for your company. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. CTI simplifies your day-to-day work steps and reduces sources of error. With ProCall Enterprise, companies are able to improve their communications and collaboration internally, as well as across company boundaries with partners, suppliers and customers.

Using the absence or presence register of colleagues, which is visible at all times, a communication method that is appropriate to the situation can always be selected.

ProCall 6 Enterprise : enables easy communication

The company website becomes the medium of interaction for your customer. KG “Mobile employees always have access to relevant contact data via ProCall Mobile, even on the move. More about Microsoft Windows Client.

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