How do I make my own map for Red Alert 2? Not only can this great program read MIX files, but you can also use it to view most graphics of the game. Editing problems How come my unit won’t build? The “Add string”-dialog will open. Some stuff marked as beta is on that FTP seandc02 linked.

fa2beta1 exe

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General problems My changes don’t appear in the game! Shane McRetro likes this.

Modding and Mapping: Final Alert 2 v – Downloads – C&C Labs

No, create an account now. Log in or Sign up. Jun 17, Messages: Net design created by Van de Sande Productions.

I want to add a new unit inside my mod map You can not add new units inside a map. If this doesn’t help, please contact Tech Support. You do not have to use “Name: Mostly demos, but also some promotional images and some other things. JINITIATOR FREE DOWNLOAD

Voxel Section Editor II. If you want to check if it works, do as you always do: CSF for Yuri’s Revenge. Mar 11, Messages: You can download FinalAlert on the following locations:. Some stuff marked as beta is on that FTP seandc02 linked. Runtime error 7 ‘Out of memory’ Upgrade to v1. Red Alert 2 has a very own way of handling unit names – they are not stored inside the Rules. Logi26Mar 13, The TechLevel property of an unit cannot be Occured often in German versions of Windows.

None of the stuff linked so far are things that weren’t released generally to everyone which is what I am looking for. You can take the following steps to succesfully add a new name for a unit: How do I make my own map for Red Alert 2? You must log in or sign up to reply here.

fa2beta1 exe

They are archives which contain multiple other files like graphics and audio. Aug 11, Messages: Oct exxe, Messages: TibEd is not a map editor, but an unit editor! The XCC Utilities can be found on http: Note that this doesn’t mean TibEd works on Chinese Windows! You can read and edit these files using the XCC Utilities.


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Last edited by a moderator: You should see an entry called “File bag” here, with a sub-entry called “ra2. If you do, the game refuses to start. If you’re using the v1.

fa2beta1 exe