Over time, more appreciation has come to Durutti Coumn Vinnie Reilly and A Certain Ratio have never been anything less than interesting. Eurotrash bargain basement new wave dance pop, with the occasional moody detour, is business as usual for Stereo Total, and business is good on Ah! Think About The Future. But in-house graphic design god Peter Saville, top-class manager Rob Gretton, and the inimitably eccentric and brilliant pothead producer Martin Hannett could all also claim Joy Division and New Order as the epicenter of their talents, making them something like unofficial members and part of an unholy trifecta, along with Wilson and Erasmus. But once again, this is where factory glistens, because at a time when independent labels where only interested in releasing singles, and bands on independent labels where also only interested in releasing singles; Tony Wilson saw the longevity both musically and financially in the album format, in which albums such as Unknown Pleasures now stand a very true testament to this notion and approach.

factory records communications 1978-92

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Tunnelvision – Watching The Hydroplanes. TOPY and Genesis P-Orridge’s knowing adoption of cult iconography and organizing principles quickly slid from satiric emulation to full embrace — communications we all went along with it.

Rhino releases its Factory Records box set, ‘Communications 1978-92,’ via iTunes

The Durutti Column – Messidor. Joy Division – Transmission. Happy Mondays – Step On.

An Interview with Charlie Parr After an accident that could have ended his career, folk blues artist Charlie Parr recovered and recorded an album comprised largely of older tunes.


Factory Records was as influential in design, sound production, and defining what a label could be as it was in music. Delicious Lips, Delicious Text: Think About The Future. Happy Mondays – Freaky Dancin’.

Eurotrash bargain basement new wave dance pop, with the occasional moody detour, is business as usual for Stereo Total, and business is good on Ah! New Order – Fine Recotds. Rhino Label Website Amazon iTunes. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated.

Of course, this sparse, shallow yet fulfilling sound is often indebted to one man, and his lunatic genius: New Order – Ceremony Original Version. Hannett produced albums like Welles directed films, using devious psychological trickery to extract the sound effects he gactory from his musicians, and treating the creaky industrial reverberations of Manchester as his train set.

Various Artists: Factory Records: Communications – PopMatters

Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro. Perhaps much like Pere Ubu and Devo from Ohiothe grey, drab surroundings 19778-92 into the music. In a time when a country screamed for change, these bands simply absorbed their surroundings and transformed it into a brutal art form, that had no shame or need to hide what or who they were. New Order – Everything’s Gone Green.

Factory Records celebrates 40th anniversary with two box sets

So perhaps a box set or reissues collection was inevitable. Various Artists Factory Records: After all, when are we ever going to witness a label owner so obsessed with the labels aesthetics that he would knowingly release a single that would 19789-2 the company money with each sale, because he, well, liked the cover too much?


At the same time, the drugs, the sunshine and love, not only began to wear off, but also transformed from a cosmic portal to the beyond into the destination itsef.

factory records communications 1978-92

If Wilson, Erasmus, and Gretton were business and philosophy, inventing a model that directed profits toward the artists and granted them full creative control over their material a policy that not only prevented Factory from making a return on their investments, but also put them in the red with certain releasesthen Hannett and Saville were sound and vision respectively.

Joy Division – Digital.

factory records communications 1978-92

Crispy Ambulance – Deaf. The 10 Best Electronic Albums of Electronic – Getting Away With It. The discs progressively downshift in quality from one to four, but perhaps not as much as one might think.

The Names – Night Shift. Composer Mario Diaz de Leon uses traditional classical instruments in combination with experimental electronics on his latest album Cycle and Reveal featuring four recent works. The Railway Children – Brighter.

Here, as on any other compilation they might appear, they act as effulgent spires of perfect commujications with peerless atmospherics, untouchable hooks, and a transcendent sense of self-actualization. Of course, the death of Ian Curtis and the demise of Joy Division cemented the labels status almost irregardless of anything else it achieved.