In that event, the price of our common stock could decline, and you could lose part or all of your investment. The metric includes the combined effects of the implied annual contract values for new, renewals of and terminations of recurring revenue contracts. In addition, our customers and target customers may develop their own solutions for secure mobility, rendering our solution less valuable or obsolete. Loss before benefit from provision for income taxes. Significant judgment is required in evaluating our tax positions and our worldwide provision for taxes.

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Our future success depends, in part, on our ability to attract and retain our senior management and other highly skilled personnel. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer 1. Moreover, regulatory investigations into our compliance with privacy-related laws and regulations could increase our costs and divert management attention.

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Subway Surfers For pc. If we are not able to successfully market and sell our solution, in particular our Good Collaboration Suite, which includes our Good for Enterprise application, our revenues and operating results would be materially and adversely impacted. Pro forma net loss per share attributable to Good Technology Corporation common stockholders, basic and diluted 2. Selling to government entities can be highly competitive, expensive and time consuming, and often requires significant upfront time and expense without any assurance that such investment will result in a sale.

In particular, the carrying value of deferred tax assets, which are predominantly in the United States, is extenf on our ability to generate future taxable income in the United States.

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We depend on our partner ecosystem of independent software vendors, system integrators and other third-party software vendors to create applications that will integrate with our Good Dynamics secure mobility platform.

Displays the relation between formulas and forms by creating algebraic surfaces through equations. It is likely that, as our business grows and evolves and our software and services are used in a greater number of countries, we may become subject to laws and regulations in additional jurisdictions, which could increase our compliance costs, 1.1 as such laws, regulations and policies tend to change over time.


Table of Contents We may not be able to successfully anticipate or adapt to competition, changing technology or customer requirements on a timely basis, or at all. We do not expect to derive a significant portion of new revenues from these customers in the future. We are also litigating patent infringement fizmo with other third parties.

If we fail to manage these resources correctly, our business will suffer. Tax authorities may disagree with our intercompany charges, cross-jurisdictional transfer pricing or other matters and assess additional taxes.

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Our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects may have changed since that date. If our target customers do not adopt our secure mobility platform and recognize the value of our platform compared to legacy products and services, or if we are otherwise unable to sell our products, then our revenues may not grow or may decline, which would adversely affect our operating results and financial condition.

Significant judgment is required in evaluating our tax positions and our worldwide provision for taxes. Our ability to meet our expenses and make these payments therefore depends on our future performance, which will be affected by financial, business, economic and other factors, many of which we cannot control.

Similarly, there have been a number of recent legislative proposals in the United States, at both the federal and state levels, that would impose new obligations in areas such as privacy and liability for copyright infringement by third parties. This, combined with the significant legal, accounting and other expenses that we will incur as a public company, will result in continued net losses in future periods.

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Although we dedicate significant resources to ensure approval of our application releases, we cannot be assured of obtaining such approval in the future, or that providers of mobile operating systems will allow us to offer new products and features through their application stores. We cannot assure you that our software and services will be free of defects or vulnerabilities, and even if we discover these weaknesses, we may not be able to immediately correct them, if at all.


The complete Good Solution allows organizations to build, deploy, manage and support the broadest set of applications to their users. We began to offer term licenses for our Good for Enterprise application in the second half of The underwriters expect to deliver the shares of common stock to purchasers on If we fail to manage future growth effectively, our business would be harmed.

If economic conditions in the United States, Europe and other key markets for our products continue to remain uncertain or deteriorate further, many customers may delay or reduce their IT spending.

fixmo extend 1.1

Shares Eligible for Future Sale. Research and development 1. We also routinely develop and market new productivity applications, whether as part of our Good Collaboration Suite or otherwise, such as Exetnd Work and Good for Salesforce1.

fixmo extend 1.1

If we do not achieve the benefits anticipated from these investments, or if the realization of any benefits related to these investments is delayed, our growth rates will decline and our operating results could be adversely affected.

This summary is not complete and does not contain all of the information you should consider in making your investment decision. For example, we experienced higher than expected turnover in our sales organization in the second quarter ofwhich contributed to a decline in our billings growth rate and caused us to revise extned forecast for the remainder of to account for the time it takes to train new hires.

We believe we have a number of unique competitive advantages that position us for continued leadership and growth within the market.