Email required Address never made public. The Floral Dance also had tremendous success abroad and brought brass music to a much wider public audience. Whilst this was wonderful, the 27 band players were, as today amateurs. For the Cornish Floral Dance. Possibly, The Floral Dance was already well on its way to becoming a very popular hit at this stage, but Derek Broadbent believes the real break through came when the recording company created a more dynamic publicity department that promoted its products with greater effect.

floral dance terry wogan

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Yes, the baby boomers dancce getting older and sadly we will have to start saying goodbye on a much more regular basis. It was purely a means of increasing valuable income revenue to keep the band running. As he walked across his dnace one day, part of the well-known tune of The Floral Dance came into his mind. Concert audiences still expect and demand its playing at Brighouse and Rastrick Band concerts. Whilst this was wonderful, the 27 band players were, as today amateurs.

It appeared at the right time when the public were particularly responsive to terryy. Discussions within the band decided that this was a unique situation, no brass band had before had such a high public profile. The Floral Dance also had tremendous success abroad and brought brass music to a much wider public audience.

floral dance terry wogan

Email required Address never made public. Whilst musical performance of the highest standard is still maintained and aspired to, the terrry of Brighouse and Rastrick Band is still mainly known to the wider British general public to this day because of its association with The Floral Dance, despite being one of the leading brass bands in the world.

Sir Terry Wogan, A Sad Pudsey and “The Floral Dance”

Its popularity florl growing, initially mainly through concert audiences, although many traditional brass band enthusiasts were still resisting its charm. This is not strictly accurate as the Helston Town Band is a brass band and does not include clarinets, fiddles, cellos, bassoons or flutes.


A series of events occurred by a combination of plan, coincidence and accident to danxe that music to the public who then took it to their heart and made it a huge hit.

When the recording became available it was sold as originally envisaged at concerts. Notify me of new posts via email.

The annual Flora event is a traditional festival to welcome the coming of spring and sees couples, dressed in their finery, dancing around terryy village and actually through many houses, to the accompaniment of the town band playing their traditional tune.

She was brought up in London and studied at the Royal Academy of Music. Guinness World Records Limited.

A brief story of ‘The Floral Dance’ | Brighouse and Rastrick Band

However, the popularity really started to spread when copies found their way into the local radio stations that were rapidly expanding their number at the time across the country. Views Read Edit View history.

floral dance terry wogan

I used to finish each post with the comment that I hoped it would be a long time until I had to write about the passing of another legend but I am starting to realise that this will certainly flotal be the case. So, today, The Floral Dance continues to be the encore item and still receives a great ovation from an audience, some remembering the original events in whilst some are hearing it for the very first time.

floral dance terry wogan

Retrieved from ” https: Needless to say, it was well received and Mood Indigo was relegated to the B-side of the proposed single recording. It was agreed explore to the idea and thoughts turned to trying to identify suitable music.

For the British custom, see Furry Dance. He really liked the song and gave it a modern brass band treatment. View all posts by Alyson. They were attracted by the idea and after a brief flirt with a rival Floral Dance arrangement, championed initially by the recording company, the famous Derek Broadbent Floral Dance arrangement prevailed and was recorded in Birmingham inen route to a concert engagement also in the Midlands the same evening.


The demand by the public to play the music on all the popular music stations grew, consequently along with tremendous record sales. Since then there has been an explosion of easily accessible visual entertainment and the multitude of stars we have grown up with are as familiar to us as our family — We look upon them as our friends. The Floral Dance was a brief beneficial diversion for the band away foral its normal sphere of activity.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Katie introduces the original Furry Dance tune in the piano part just as the singer twrry describing the sound of the band, with its “cornet, clarinet and big trombone; fiddle, cello, big bass drum; bassoon, flute and euphonium”.

As a result the music gained more playing, even occasionally on national radio. Flogal song tells the story of an incident that apparently actually happened to Moss herself on a visit to Helston during the springtime ‘Furry Dance’ celebrations and the song was reportedly written directly afterwards as she was going home on the train.