With effect from April 1, , fees for PAN application has changed to Home New Signup Login. Dear Chandesh, Your feed back is welcome. Alternatively, applicant may call TIN Call Centre on — to enquire about the status of application. You mentioned that you can find many other Utility from the Web Site, please check and give details about that Web Site which is given to all utility free of Cost. If employer refuse to approve what is the next step to proceed for applying online pf claim? No spam allowed ,please do not waste your time by posting unnecessary comment Like ads of other site etc.

form no 49a in excel format+free

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form no 49a in excel format+free

The new form is simple then earlier form 49A and easy to fill. Unable to register employee for uan with out aadhar card. However, I share the frustration of the several others who have commented here in that it’s not made clear on this site nor on the tool UPFRONT that the tool does expect Rs to be actually used. Share to a social network STEP 2: APril 8, for submitting applications for allotment of new PAN: You mentioned that you can find many other Utility from the Web Site, please check and give details about that Web Site which is given to all utility free of Cost.

Remesh, You have mentioned as this Web Site is most popular ” Why waste the time”, in this regard I have asked to you, can you give a Useful Utility to others free of cost? Anonymous November 2, at 8: It is very simple data format template.


XLTOOL – Free Excel Spreadsheet Format Software: Pan Card Application Form in Excel

Pan Card Application Form in Excel. They suggest a nominal payment but it IS absolutely voluntary – no kidding!

Permanent Account Number or commonly known as PAN card is one of the important official documents in India for all the citizens in the country. This is neither a professional quality paid service nor attitude but simply wasting others’ time for sure, which in the long run will ruin the developers’ and promoter’s prospects of making a viable product or service.

Ramesh June 23, at I also have tried and it is wasting of time of the visitors They are either too up or too down but not exactly fitting inside the boxes provided in the form. We have checked it and found it useful but any how not liked by you and other readers.

Forms​​ for PAN Application

Dear Chandesh, Your feed back is welcome. Status Track through SMS. The applicants may track the status of their application using 15 digit unique Acknowledgment Number after three days of application using the status track facility. Salary calculation – they are calculating PF on gross with a ceiling limit of Rs These form shared by user and not created by us.

New Pan Card Form 49A in Excel

Income tax on loss of pay hours is deducted in Gross Salary and paid to the employees. Anonymous September 8, at Also user get data validation alert and error alert if any.


form no 49a in excel format+free

But anyway, if you like to charge money for a half baked product such as these tools here, it’s your choice. In case of proprietor the pan card is already there but the proprietor is also doing a job as well as handling the business but he wants to maintain different accounts of personal salary account and business account And what are the documents required for application of PAN?

Newly Published Pan Card Form 49A & 49AA In Excel Format

Go and try to download In all honesty of the FREEWARE system, they still keep the basic watered down but useful and working version for free but a loaded version evolved from the useful comments and feedback from the free users is 4a9 available for a premium or subscription.

We will try to improve things. The clarity of image on PAN card will depend on the quality and clarity of photograph affixed on the form. Anonymous June 11, at 2: Unable to link my pan card with my pf account – format+dree name abbreviation in pan card 7 Replies.

Vorm date to file ITR-Tax audit report extended. Get in touch with us. Excel format pan card form utility save more time makes works quickly.

Ryder Jack May 22, at 5: