I personally did not find the ecoRoute app to be all that useful on my T, so I do not really miss it. Yes, this is typical Garmin marketing strategy Sign In or Register to comment. Don’t show this again. The EcoRoute works fine, right out of the box, without any extra purchase on her unit.

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In older years it was easy to download software that did this and now I can’t find it to download to fix this issue with my new LMT unit.

Ecoroute program

Here is the reply that I received from Garmin to the question I asked which was ” Do I have to buy a device in order to use the ecoroute option -or- just pay for the software?

I know that the hackers on another site that will go unmentioned have found ways to enable it without buying the key. In addition it can display scores in a ecoRoutes Challenge which helps you learn to accelerate, drive, and brake in a way that minimizes fuel consumption.

Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies. Then they changed it so that you had to either buy the ecoRoute HD or purchase a key to unlock the app on the Nuvi.

Now, as we approach CESGarmin has revealed new details surrounding the device on its corporate blog and a new name, ecoRoute HD. That may have been how it worked, as I said “to the best of my recall”. Using the info gathered, the Nuvi’s ecoRoutes software eecoroute more accurately measure your fuel economy and driving habits to tell how greenly you’re driving and how you can improve.


But it looks like that isn’t even possible anymore unless you buy the ecoroute HD. There’s some info on ecoroute itself here, although it’s quite an old write up: Do you enter the amount garmi fuel you use so it knows your true mileage? Yes, this is typical Garmin marketing strategy Garmin Of course, this isn’t exactly a new technology. OBD-II readers and garmon economy meters have been around for almost as long as the OBD port itself, and wireless dongles for the port have been garmjn for a few years, as well.

I could put in my miles driven, price per gallon, and it would generate my MPG for me and save the results. Finally, DIYers can check and clear engine trouble codes without a visit to the dealership.

Ecoroute program – GPS Review Forums

The best true wireless earbuds of Of course, this isn’t exactly a new technology. On myif I tap the EcoRoute app I get a box that ecodoute ecoRoute feature provides tools and reports to help you improve your fuel economy. OK, so the name’s not that different. I rarely looked at the gauges and didn’t have a lot of interest in keeping track of my mileage as the trip computer on my vehicles does that anyway.

Garmin releases more details surrounding the ecoRoute HD add-on for Nuvi navigators, including an availability date and a price. The EcoRoute works fine, right out of the box, without any extra purchase on her unit. Boyd, So do I have to buy an outboard accessory to use it?


I got the software piece when it was available separately from the ecoRouteHD hardware component. End result was that I pulled the hardware out and don’t use it anymore. On my UK model I get: Set garmn your vehicle profile now?

A closer look at Garmin’s ecoRoute HD

Car geeks and users who want a taste of information overload can also monitor vehicle sensors such as intake air temperature, coolant temperature, throttle position and engine load, intake manifold pressure, battery and charging system information, mass airflow rate, timing advance, and emissions.

July edited Gsrmin That appears to be the current state of ecoRoute and how to obtain it. Sign In or Register to comment.

The ecoRoute HD accessory may ggarmin purchased from our online store here: But you need to purchase some kind of license key from Garmin to unlock it.

I know that on my I just had the software piece which I believe actually came preinstalled on the device I could have added it later but I know I didn’t pay for it. What has Garmin done?