Like I said, I’ll try again from scratch tonight. Now we build the beyond vertical drop which in RCT3 in 95 degrees and can be built when the track is facing vertical like so. I did notice that his two spinning coaster cars are named the same thing. Thanks a lot, guys, appreciate the comments. It might go higher with the peeps cheat, I’m not sure. Oh right you’re using the one with Stormrunner track, I thought you were using the other Eurofighter I made with the Extended track pieces. I know what you mean, it doesn’t give the same experience and takes away from the ride.

gerstlauer eurofighter ctr

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I’ll let you know eurofihgter this old brain of mine figures it out. Anyhow, I downloaded the custom cars for them alla nd nwo they all work great I just saw that while I was on a CTR downloading rampage.

Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter

Eurfoighter got into the game the other day with the urge to make an awesome flyer but the track is super-limited. Also, make sure you isntlaled it correctly.

It’s not great but it’s the best I could do at the moment and most of the elements from each of the tracks are in there. I’m on 4 so far, but it’s hit and miss with the results.


If it helps it Fehler and theres something wrong with the trackzusatztyp: Yeah I just wanted to know what would work and what wouldn’t grrstlauer then Eurofightter tried combining the 3 tracks and it worked, although some of the turns from the Giga track on the Blitz don’t show up for some reason. L and when u go onto hershey it dont go back to any other coaster: Isn’t there any chance it would workI no the tracks don’t Connect: Okay so I admit my layout is terrible but it will do for the purpose of this tutorial, I have made it quite short like most Euro Fighter layouts, added a couple of inversions and an MCBR, So everything you would find on a normal Eurofighter.

It is done in the CTR Creator. I haven’t found a fix for the Intamin Blitz yet, but Mountainman was looking into to it, it was a while back though and he hasn’t posted yet. The dive loop won’t show up on a steep slope either. The more tracks you add the trickier it gets and some tracks overwrite each other, sorry about that, Bor. Still a bunch of bugs in the rides, though.

I went on Jonnyear’s site and i don’t know wheres the download button. Or at least I think it was. Cheers for the help. Frontier’s version is only useful for recreating The Bat.

gerstlauer eurofighter ctr

Retrieved Eurofightee 22, Although the majority of Euro-Fighters are custom designed for each installation, every design so far has included the trademark drop. It’s a really cool track.


eurofighter — RCTDataBase

Yeah, the first image is the track file, then you just dress it up a little with the Giga track for realism. Intamin Blitz still seems to be crashing my game, is it because I have to give it a few times to get ‘used’ to the game?

I follow the links, but it just says error Would you be able to release the CTR you made for deathfearsnone that has the mega cars and stormrunner cars on the Euro Fighter? Thank You So Much! It says ” Sorry, Box. You’re a legend Luke!

New Element – Topic – Knockout: CTR edition

I just focused on combining the tracks. D But can get you get the elements like saw on this track please like Half Loop into a Diagonal Corkscrew: Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park. Oh right you’re using the one with Stormrunner track, I thought you were using the other Eurofighter I made with the Extended track pieces. Colombian National Coffee Park.

gerstlauer eurofighter ctr