When some Unicode aware processing is to be done, a string is converted to Unicode on the fly and back to locale encoding afterwards. The problem with this API is that many of the C library functions for strings don’t work correctly on strings in locale encodings, leading to bugs that only people in some cultures of the world will experience. The bitmask argument can be a predefined general category bitmask or the combination of several predefined general category bitmasks. Returns “” if it is unknown, or in the “C” locale. The following functions determine the positions at which line breaks are possible. It contains the version number of the libunistring library. The correct way to deal with this problem is to provide functions for titlecasing, as well as for upper- and lowercasing, to view case transformations as functions that operates on strings, rather than on characters.

gnu libunistring

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Returns a pointer past the last non-NUL unit libunistrint into dest. Compares no more than n units of s1 and s2. Creates and returns a normalization filter for Unicode characters. Elementary string functionsPrevious: Determines and returns the number of column positions required for first n units or fewer if s ends before this in s.


GNU libunistring

Use of Unicode also enables multilingualization: The name of a Unicode libunisstring allows to distinguish it from other, similar looking characters. There is no mechanism for communicating the display width of characters across a Unix pseudo-terminal tty.

Unicode stringsPrevious: It is considered part of the string for all memory allocation purposes, but is not considered part of the string for all other logical purposes.

Returns -1 upon failure, -2 if the number of available units, nis too small. Denotes a small variant form CNS compatibility. It assumes that there is 1: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.


The following are the possible values of the word break property. Word breaks in strings unilbrk. The copyright and license notices on this page only apply to the text on this page. The following functions determine the length of a Unicode string.

GNU libunistring

The following functions view bidirectional categories as sets of Unicode characters. The functions in this sections do so.

gnu libunistring

For these scripts, there is no such concept as non-proportional fonts. The resulting string might be truncated in the middle of a multibyte character.

gnu libunistring

The following functions compare two Unicode strings. In-memory representationPrevious: If you have corrections to this entry or questions about it, please contact: Returns the column after the end of the string, and stores the result at p [ Functions libunlstring a string result take a resultbuflengthp argument pair.


libunistring – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Elementary string checks Libunisring string conversions Elementary string functions Elementary string functions with memory allocation Elementary string functions on NUL terminated strings Next: Returns -1 if uc is a control character that has an influence on the column position when output. Digit valuePrevious: The list here is not definitive; more values can be added in future versions.

Returns the filled bufor NULL if the character does not have a name. The following functions implement the association between a bidirectional category and its name. Returns the length of the initial segment of str which consists entirely of Unicode characters in accept. More advanced functionality Licenses: Compares s1 and s2ignoring differences in case and normalization.

The workarounds can be found in GNU gnulib http: