I’m open to both solutions. Now I get it. Debian mantainer would be happy about that, too, I guess. If bugs are fixed upstream, they will not be in JOSM. Please new questions at https: Execution failed for task ‘: Thanks for reading, and considering this bug!

gnu.getopt jar

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Bug # “”java -jar ” is not running” : Bugs : jbossas4 package : Ubuntu

Assuming you want to pursue the web API path, you’ll likely be limited to the currently existing API or you’ll need to add the API endpoints you’re looking for locally. I’m open to both solutions. Thanks for reading, and considering this bug! We’re just trying to evaluate what needs doing to support Import from the web, and haven’t tried POSTing to any web URL except from the browser haven’t documented the end-point etc.

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Set your email in Preferences. If you want to build Will’s PR, you’ll need to fetch it locally and follow https: If we find bugs in these libs, we will probably try to get them fixed upstream, but most of the dependencies are fairly stable.


I would love to have that example! But please help me understand the concept of the first one a little better then I can make a decision. You can nevertheless proceed and submit your changes if you wish so.

Thanks for CCing me! Can you send me a link to a gist with your build. Visit the OpenStreetMap project at https: We probably need to discuss this within the team to advise you of the best way forward Please look for and ask new questions at https: And if you need to modify the sources of these projects, it would be more free to inform upstream projects of your changes. Failed to process Q: I would prefer to work with the Java API.

gnu.getopt jar

Upload the images that my users took with my Android app to the Omero server that I host. If so, this sounds indirect than establish a connection directly to the server itself.


java-getoptjar Detail –

It seems like the right way to go if the dependency issue can be solved. Please new questions at https: Debian mantainer would be happy about that, too, I guess.

Closed 7 years ago. Although conceptually it may seem strange, it is a common way to develop mobile applications.

Open Microscopy Environment

You should review the other modifications which have been appended above, and any conflicts shown in the preview below. Execution failed for task ‘: If bugs are fixed upstream, they will not be in JOSM.

gnu.getopt jar

Opened 7 years ago. The blockers for that PR are currently server-side: Your email or username: Select all apply plugin: