Neuronal Disorder State Heretic in the Sun. Tyler Emeritus August 1st Comments. II by Vale Of Pnath. I do have a complaint with the genre though; it’s stagnant. Atmospheric progressive Death Metal meets black opera, meets intelligent lyrics about a dying earth and human scum.

gorod neurotripsicks

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It is exactly what it needs to be and somehow manages to be even more. The easiest way to sum up their sound is to picture the intricacies of a band like Necrophagistminus some of the wanking, throw in some Sound of Perseverance era Death or Death 2.

A Maze of Recycled Creeds. Tyler Emeritus November 22nd Comments. While Angela is a ferocious vocalist, her gender has been a pivotal element of the bands success.

First, the guitar work on this album is phenomenal. Amidst the chaos, you’ll also be glad to notice the tasteful array of cymbal work. While I don’t think the bass is fretless, much of the basswork on the album is evocative of the kind of stuff you hear Steve DiGiorgio playing, and anyone who knows anything about metal, will tell you that’s most definitely a good thing. Autopsy The Tomb Within.


gorod neurotripsicks

The music is complex and technical death metal. Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge. All of the riffs are impressive, but they never go on for too long, in fact, nothing on the album goes on for too long except the album itself, which I’ll get into in a bit.

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The drum sound is quite thick, but certainly does not cause a distraction in the music, and flows perfectly throughout the neurotripsick. Her style is that of your typical tech-death drummer, but when you consider the amount of talent in the genre you have to bow down and appreciate. One of the best progressive tech death albums. Tyler Emeritus July 25th Comments.

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However, the album I am reviewing now is truly a diamond-in-the-rough, so to speak. Tyler Emeritus August 1st Comments.

gorod neurotripsicks

Just listen to the samples biatch 3- The same Mat a fucking true genius illustrated the fucking concept which you can see on the album cover on willowtip’s website Gorod are amazing, and, whether it be with their unrelenting technicality or the unrelentingly stupid lyrics, they’re a band that never lets down. Gorod does not take a single idea, and rape the shit out of it for a full 50 minutes.


Harmony In Torture Sandrine, Gorod ‘s drummer, is a female. This is extremely technical death metal at its absolute finest. Heretic in the Sun.

gorod neurotripsicks

You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. I’ve already tried editing it out. I neuortripsicks the band a while back and didn’t know what to write for the bio, so I made a stupid joke. But much better than God Forbid’s Constitution of treason if you ask.


The production curtains the bass mix in the album, which is unfortunate, because when you do hear it, it is done noticeably well. Overall, what really distinguishes this album from your typical tech-death release, is it’s sound.

My favorite is probably Smoked Skulls. If you like Gorod, you may also like: I know that if you’re like me, you probably have pre-conceived notions about women in death metal. This is a well deserved 4 star album.