I sort of did it the other way around, started in Grand Prix Legends with insanely powerful cars, and the track in its “raw” form without curbs, barriers, and what not. While I hope not focused on LeMans again. BMW at the Nordschleife. Semi Racing on the Nordschleife. Rolf Kazamba , Oct 17, Originally Posted by Jakg ah, yes, let me try to explain better most games take values of what a tyres does from a “slip curve graph” – this is always an area where accuracy is required, however there are some big anomlys in GTR2’s, and they use the same graph for Longitudinal and Latituinal slip, which is a recipe for disaster due to the difference in loading.

gtr2 nordschleife tourist

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Find all posts by jediali. Never really learned it that way though, because, mostly, i just crashed the car AlanraOct 16, We are extremely happy with the feedback from you so far and we hope GTR Evolution will indeed become the platform of choice for your leagues in the future.

gtr2 nordschleife tourist

Needless to say I improved my time to low 5. The north loop is So far the reviews have been nordsxhleife positive, and we are ready to take on the big titles like Forza and Project Gotham and show that true simracing CAN be done on a console.

GTL / GTR2 – Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by Team rF-Nordschleife Released.

We have every intention of supporting quality mods, customs skins and all the other changes that make our games come alive with the help of dedicated modding communities across the globe. So drop by the official forum once in a while and help the moderators there keep the place a great source of info and friendly advice.

Nordzchleife hope you can make a difference in the battle against theft and piracy while allowing the true modders to create their works of art adding to the fun and enjoyment of everyone. Your name or email address: Jimmo in my opinion was one of the best server tourisst, he was present often, he would do practice only, but varied conditions and tracks daily. And nordschleufe I run 7: Then came along one of these alien drivers and did a 5.


But… SimBin can no longer afford pouring funds into creating unique quality content for competing titles.

gtr2 nordschleife tourist

More On Your Favorite Sim: SeanspeedOct 16, Having to wait eight minutes or more just to start a qualifying hotlap was never going to be one of my favourite pastimes, and any crashes during a race could result in a long, lonely drive from that point forward. To nprdschleife I was energized to just see how quick I could go was an understatement, I practiced many hours after and got my time down to around 5.

Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3. Originally Posted by Jakg well, hate is a bit strong, i am not a big fan of GTR and Race because of the huge slip angle problems and the way the tyre slip graphs appear to be made up, and have been shortcutted to the detriment of their realism.

TDSAce Pumpkinnivadepi and 2 others like this. It is common knowledge that I have not been a big fan of the Nordschleife for racing in the past. Find all posts by Wouter Melissen.

For me its rather vice versa, its the only circuit with a really great layout and one of the few feeling somehow exciting at least on a PC.

GTR Evo Nordschleife for GTR2 1.0 – Released

I met so many good and various standards of drivers, I get very nervous even now before I enter an online event for various reasons, one of them being getting in others way, yet on this day Nords Tourist lay before me, I climbed into a Zonda R and began the learning process. However, the fact that I am repeating this over and over again with very few crashes; well Even if we would love to get everything into the final release we have to make very hard choices regarding features constantly, and adding endurance features is so much more than just slapping in a new tire compound and some dark skies.


I am sure that my fourist times are nothing to concern the William Levesques of this world, but I was amused by my three most recent laps. I’d really like more servers to host races here, the most are for hotlapping, which, i’m afraid is a bit boring for me. Racing on the Nordschleife usually means endurance typical amounts of laps or time and multiple pitstops which have a heavy influence on the race with grids of cars with many different classes from GT3’s, Cayman GT4s nordschelife R.

The the patch happened and well I have been chasing that feeling again ever since. Grt2 that track is in my backbone now.

United States of America.

GTR 2 Nordschleife tourist – Vidéo dailymotion

I prefer Nordschleife Hotlap. Our data and our physics engine is more precise than ever and as many of you have already experienced the tire model in GTR Evolution is far more advanced than in previous titles. Knowing that my pace in the Step 2 is usually somewhere between the other two, I was hoping nordschlfife cross the finishing line in under eight minutes.