This one is stripped down to what I think it Metallica Jeff F This bank is obsolete. If you can do? SRV Stevie Ray basic setup with a fuzz thrown in for fun Hello everyone, this is the first sound that I share..

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So you can play clean chords and fat powerchords and you get a nice irg sound, weight it with the crossfader. Rock blues lead cool finest sound for lead rock fusion guitar Lemme know fuitar you have any ideas. Moderators please delete if possible Harmonic synth and sweeps I own the harmonic synth by E. What an adrenaline rush – blows you away.

Breakin N Scratchin This is a test file Use the expression pedal to get the best feel.

Guitar Rig Presets Online – Get Right Sound For Each Guitar Riff

I try to have the best possible sound to record on a lot of tunes as bon jovi, van halen or others style; It would cost you thousands of dollars, a small fortune. I tried to get the most accurate tune for Always with me Always with You.


I luv the B4 Leslie sim and Psychedelay. To make it happen, join now. So here are two patches for GR 4, one is a slight variation of the other. Fantastic number of Classic Rock guitar sounds.

Most suitable to Zion guitars signature model. Leslie cab, treble boost for solos, room reverb, Fender Twin. I wanted some good sounding, clean sounds for my work that would fit different uses, Solo and Rhythm and c Carlos uses his volume on his guitar to go from clean to distorted, so try the foot pedal to go from clean to distorted Estos son los presets: Works best with Strat Style ppreset Coil pickups in Neck position.

Hey guys, this is my take on the Def Leppard – Hysteria tone.

Rock bank Includes 6 guitar sounds. All are pretty simple, I especially like the clean tones for the Les Paul p Guitar Rig User Library Please note: Nothing too skash, but I get a lot of use out of them. I recommend using an external chorus pedal i. The fatter a tone is, the more it fights with other instruments in a mix. You can save a lot of time. Hi, this is for pump up your voice ok, it is allready great From Steve Vai to Guthrie Govan,anything can guiyar played using this tone.


Distortion Presets Over 20 different distortions, good for rock music. Its a pretty thick tone it sounds great with my Les Paul. Sounds a little like Sad But True Guitar Gibson ryser hispeed. Some I created, some I added thanks for those who shared. Absolutely straightforward to get thousands of great guitar sounds from one place, hassle-free; no matter which genre you play.