This article needs additional citations for verification. At the end of , the band had dropped from their European label NoiTekk and Eric Gottesman quit the band. The band’s first album Divine Infekt was recorded shortly thereafter, produced and engineered by Da5id Din of Informatik. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. On March 30, , Nero Bellum explained on his personal Facebook page that he was in therapy and was unable to send out the Bandcamp orders.

helltrash discography

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Originally Psyclon Nine consisted of mostly Electronic, and Aggrotech. In latePsyclon Nine embarked on a co-headlined tour with Imperative Reaction.

Exiles Outcast go to album. Psyclon Nine returned to Europe for another tour that included a spot on the world’s largest Gothic festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen. Bellum later said in an interview for Vampirefreaks about the Divine Infect remix, “Tactical Sekt’s remix left a bad taste in my mouth”, and attributed that to Anthony Mathers of Tactical Sekt in which his philosophical beliefs made him not to want to collaborate with anyone outside of Psyclon Nine again.

In earlythe new album was officially confirmed and is entitled “Icon of the Adversary: Due to Rotny and Jon quitting the band and other misunderstandings, Nero felt it was time to put an end to Psyclon Nine, canceling their European tour. Retrieved October 23, Chancellor Purvis go to album.

Psyclon Nine

During mid to late and throughoutPsyclon Nine resolved their former Bandcamp and Kickstarter merchandise controversies by partnering with merchandise management company Black Umbrella based in Las Vegas, NV.


This left many fans to believe that Nero had stolen from them once again.

Digital Downloads Trasher Store. Both Rotny Ford and Jon Siren returned, along with two musicians who were new to the band.

Act 1and would be released in November with the help of the band’s Bandcamp website page that allowed fans to donate to help raise funds for the album’s production.

helltrash discography

Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Quinn go to album.

Helltrash Discography & Songs

Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 23, Psyclon Nine went on their first headlining US tour, which eventually led to creative differences between the band and Columbine bassist Daniel. Psyclon Nine’s Bandcamp page was also given a major graphical update in late and continues to carry older legacy merchandise along with signed albums and new apparel designs for fans to purchase. The new album is tentatively planned for release in August After the tour with MushroomheadJosef Heresy decided to leave the band to go back to college, and VII left to return to his band Columbine.

On April 13,Psyclon Nine created a new official Facebook page and announced a live performance at the L. They went on to do a few more shows including a show at Bar Sinister in Mayresulting in Psyclon Nine returning as a live band.

Cannibullshit Limited Hard Copy | Helltrash

The anticipation is killin’ me. Abbey Nex replaced him on bass, and Mushroomhead drummer Daniel Fox was used as a live fill-in drummer. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.


Its really awesome to see Dawn of Ashes get into the industrial sway again, I can’t wait to see what something wicked, this way comes in the crypt injection sequel.

After the Bandcamp controversy, Rotny and Jon posted on the official Psyclon Nine Facebook page that both had quit the band due to Nero disappearing again, stating they felt he was irresponsible.

helltrash discography

Psyclon Nine made several major live appearances following the album’s release, including several dates opening for Mindless Self Indulgence. Psyclon Nine played a few off dates hwlltrash in It featured remixes of Order of the Shadow: Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 23, go to album. Streaming and Download help. Industrial metal aggrotech black metal industrial rock electro-industrial.

InPsyclon Nine’s fourth album We the Fallen was the band’s first, and only album to chart on the Billboard Charts. The band also released a new shirt design via their Bandcamp page based on one of the songs entitled “Beware the Wolves”.