In transformice you have to buy fraises and cheese with real money but in here, you do not need to because its unlimited. To apply,click the link below:. For example oldsurvivor does not require skill and it is amazing. Hugmice was an outdated game before and it was not cared enough before, but now the game is developing way more faster and we hope that this will remain as itself. Hugmice ,the game that has the biggest Turkish server after Transformice is growing and developing day after day. People from Transformice could not take advantage of the coin event. We will bring the events and maps from Transformice.

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We have difference, different modules,different rules,different items and much more.

Heromice , Transformice , Micegirl Fly hack

Thank you for reading! We are also a game that develops everytime, and because of this v1. To wydarzenie nie ma jeszcze konkretnej daty, ale my je zorganizujemy. We are transforming get it?

To havk and be elected type. Dodamy wydarzenia i mapy z Transformice. See you in another post! If you do the kiss emote in this map you get a free random item.

heromice fly hack

This situation is better than ever, after Transformice has been shut down, it gave a mass of players to our server, and of course, to other servers too. Our staff is experiencing missing member problem and to solve this problem, we prepared a application form. We will make it up for old Transformice players by making events for them, have fun! The event does not have any date yet, we are arranging vly. The cheats are nearly vanished and the players that hack are immediately banned for hours.


Hugmice game is also known as Transformice 2,the game that has the largest Turkish crowd. Our sentinel recruits will be open soon and our game is developing as usual and it is heromicee strongly.

heromice fly hack

The version of Transformice ,but everything is free and there are more features, welcome to HugMice. This feature was not in Transformice before.

You cannot find these modules at any other server… Have fun. We will make event calendars and we will post a poll in our next post. If you ask what is the difference from the other mice games, my answer would be: We repaired deathmatch and we settled the maps. You can win an item or another things from fishing. See you in another post, have fun! For example oldsurvivor does not require skill and it is amazing.

In the game, you can get 12 firsts in 1 round when you get first, plus we have players that gets millions and millions of firsts in the Rankings.


Heromice , Transformice , Micegirl Fly hack

You can gain infinite cheese in this game but in transformice its so hard to get cheese. We also have a feature that differs us from other games,is that you can put a profile picture through forum.

Like in Transformice ,we have the feature to watch videos at the Tribe house. First of all we started recruitions for forum sentinels,and we cly going to select the active people for it.

It is the Racing Tournament and this will happen every month,and it will be international. After that you can change your name. In this event you will enter the hole automatically and you will gain free bootcamp points Our second event: This is Hugmice also known as Transformice 2. Sadly we did not get enough like the Transformice game and we will never sell ranks with money just like in godofmice.