Why Choose a Japanese Shower Toilet Why Choose a Japanese Shower Toilet

Why Choose a Japanese Shower Toilet


Japan has a singular and multifaceted tradition. At the one hand, it’s referred to as a spot of fast technological construction, superb inventions and fantastic medical breakthroughs. Alternatively, the land of the emerging solar has a wealthy cultural heritage and a practice that’s 1000’s of years outdated. From the well-known samurai warriors and the rustic’s willpower to martial arts, to its world-renowned delicacies and surprising horticultural artwork, Japan is steeped in historical past.

One of the crucial parts that units Japan except for the remainder of the arena from a technological standpoint are its requirements of hygiene. Rooted in Buddhism philosophy, the Jap sense of cleanliness can also be noticed within the nation’s tradition of taking baths in an effort to purify themselves. What’s extra, the advance of the ‘washlet’ bathroom may be impressed via the Jap way of living and its want for a degree of hygiene above any norms.


The TOTO Washlet Shower ToiletTOTO toilet suite that includes the TOTO SX Washlet.


TOTO Washlets


TOTO is recognised as the arena’s main manufacturer of bathe bathrooms. First introduced in 1980, the Washlet is TOTO’s signature product with innovation that has refashioned bogs throughout Japan for greater than 4 a long time. Beneath, we define the various innovative options of the TOTO Washlet.

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Technological advances


So, what makes them other? In the beginning, the lids open and shut mechanically while you way the bathrooms after which transfer clear of it after use. This mimics the best way Jap taxis paintings – while you come with reference to the door, they mechanically open – and the customized of unveiling appreciate via a deep bow.

Convenience and reticence

When the lid opens and you’re taking a seat, you may well be stunned to search out that the seat is heat. The warmth is generated via the integrated heater that warms the seat in your approximate frame temperature in an effort to give you essentially the most delightful bathroom revel in imaginable. There also are integrated audio system that liberate a flushing sound for max discretion in relation to noise, together with odour neutralisers and deodorants to stay the toilet air smelling contemporary.

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A customized washing revel in


Jap bathrooms are in fact a high-tech aggregate of bidets and bathrooms. The bathroom comes with a complete set of buttons. Each and every button has a singular serve as that permits you to make a choice a particular surroundings for cleansing your self after use. As an example, you’ll make a choice heat water to spray from a nozzle underneath at an optimum perspective for the absolute best degree of hygiene. You’ll be able to additionally make a choice the depth and path of the spray and regulate it in your personal tastes.

First class cleanliness


Moreover, the nozzle self-cleans after each and every use – a unique cleanser sterilizes outside and inside of the nozzle, making sure the whole thing is totally blank after each and every use. This presentations appreciate for the following bathroom person, but additionally for the surroundings as neatly. Relying at the precise style, there are alternative ways to flush – via manually urgent down or turning the lever, via waving in entrance of a sensor or via urgent a button. Additionally, positive fashions of Jap bathrooms mechanically flush while you go away the seat. Some even use in part electrolysed flush water, which leaves the outside stain-free and immaculate.


TOTO Washlet Shower Toilet from C.P. Hart
Store TOTO Washlets from C.P. Hart.


What are the benefits of a Jap bathroom?


This technologically complex toilet tradition is spreading from Japan to the remainder of the arena. There are a number of advantages of getting a Jap bathroom:


  • An optimum degree of hygiene

Jap bathrooms are very hygienic, each for the customers and for the family. With the aforementioned self-cleaning options, you don’t need to roll up your sleeves and brush within the bathroom. As well as, the nozzle lets you revel in a nice feeling of purity each and every time you’ve completed the usage of the bathroom.

  • Remarkable convenience

Jap bathrooms additionally supply fantastic convenience. Heated seats supply heat and a few high-end fashions are even made from antibacterial fabrics, making sure a wholesome talk over with to the WC. More than a few nozzle choices help you personalise your toilet revel in in keeping with your personal tastes.

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Store the TOTO Neorest EW washlet featured above.


  • Eco-friendly

With Jap bathrooms, you’ll cut back the quantity of bathroom paper you employ, which is each eco-friendly and recommended in your family funds. As well as, many of us take showers after the usage of the bathroom, however with a integrated cleansing nozzle, you’ll save each time and water intake.

  • Fresh design

Remaining however now not least, we can’t skip the aesthetics when speaking about Jap bathrooms. The quite a lot of fashions flaunt high-tech and graceful designs, which aligns with Japan’s love of all issues fashionable. They may be able to are compatible in any sort of toilet, however they no doubt make the easiest selection for modern interiors with a futuristic contact.  

Would you select a Jap-style washlet for your house?

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