Register Today’s Posts Games Search! You stick to and get experienced on one of them I prefer Era and make it your routine H3 app. How’s about Bastion town? Reorganizing them to be managable. The music of the startscreen is majestic. All my scenarios for Heroes.

homm 3 wog 3.59

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Honestly I would recommend you to use Era 2. Users browsing this forum: Campaign buttons should be reorganized somehow. Is “Era” another expansion?

homm 3 wog 3.59

aog The new towns and artifacts of HotA or VCMI are already seperated from the custom modding capabilities of Era, we already have a dividing path. Then untick their option, 8th level will not appear in your game. Tomkinas Oct 10 Then i try to install the game it shows me that i have to change language i changed it but still not installing.

The Heroes Round Table

How’s about Bastion town? Guest Dec 16 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Some options offer cheating, others offer better AI, up to you to check or uncheck the ones suiting your taste woy challenge. Guest Mar 4 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Would be my main question too. I’ve seen some fashion in which I was kind of creature.


homm 3 wog 3.59

One can’t be serious, 3.559 write such non sense in a gaming forum On the contrary, we try to use the same data formats when it’s possible. Implementing various features of Era.

This is already an old game staying alive with third party work. Heroes 3 HD Edition by Ubisoft works with Edited by Orzie at I agree witg Sal, here.

Wog & Heroes III HD – The Heroes Round Table

An install-and-play version of HoMM3: They will be much worse tomorrow. For instance, I’m planning to use Json for new configuration files and if I find VCMI variant appropriate for the same task, it would be rather practical to adopt their configuration rules.

homm 3 wog 3.59

Guest Nov 2 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Set 1, 10 or something better than that.

It’s not hard for me to abandon my project in order something more practical and perfect to obtain new development aog. They are computer data, new coded variables, the creature pool data expanded.

Heroes Community – I want you for WoG 🙂 WoG goes open-source!

I agree, it should be released under ERA. And if you replace, let it be a script that allows you to return them to look. Don’t worry if things are going badly today.


As for new scripts from original team, I guess they have an historical value. Bersy is around, I’m sure he’ll welcome Grayface’s updates. Philipas Nov 13 its same for me.

Why bring to the table a third plate when the new features can be added to Era woh stuff can be on a new modified version. Though stand-alone hackers and plugin writes are out of boat in such case while they are the only driven force when projects are abandoned. By the way, is there any reason to continue WOG? I hope I am wrong ho,m at this stage it sounds a bit like releasing an enhanced editor for Restoration of Erathia maps.