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Look Super Cool this Festival Season: 3 Ways to Dye Synthetic Braiding Hair

Look Super Cool this Festival Season: 3 Ways to Dye Synthetic Braiding Hair
Look Super Cool this Festival Season: 3 Ways to Dye Synthetic Braiding Hair

Kanekalon and Marley braiding hair have become a natural sista’s secret weapon. Having a bad hair day? Grab some braiding hair and twist and twirl until your hair is selfie perfect. Need a larger than life afro, but you aren’t quite far enough in your natural journey to achieve it? A few packs of Marley braiding hair and a crotchet needle should do the trick.

After the crochet braid craze, I was almost certain that there wouldn’t be any more options for braiding hair. I thought it had been used to its max, but I was wrong. Not only have you guys figured out how to create various beautiful hair styles while using braiding hair, but you’ve figured out how to dye the hair too!

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I know. We’ve always been told that you can’t do anything with Kanekalon and Marley braiding hair except braid it and twist it. In fact, placing braiding hair in hot water to achieve curls is a fairly new concept. Back in the day, the only way (at least that’s what we thought) to seal the ends of your braids was with a lighter. Now that people aren’t afraid to experiment, dye has been added to the mix. There are some tutorials on how to dye synthetic hair below, but before you scroll down to take a peek, here are some quick facts about dying the hair.


It’s only possible to darken synthetic braiding hair.

If you’d like a bold and vibrant color, you should probably start with bleach blonde, gray or white braiding hair.

Untraditional coloring agents such as Fabric dye or cream color dye can be used to dye braiding hair.

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If you follow the steps for rinsing the hair correctly, the color won’t run on your clothes and you can style it and wash it just as you would non-colored synthetic braiding hair.

Electric Purple Box Braids


What You’ll Need: Rubbing alcohol, spray bottles, speed ball acrylic ink, braiding hair and rubber gloves.

How To: To create this purple ombre look, AfroPunk took two packs of gray kanekalon hair and colored them by mixing rubbing alcohol and acrylic ink in her spray bottle. She sprayed the mixture on the hair and brushed it through. After brushing, the hair sat overnight, but if you’re in a rush you can speed up the process with a blow dryer. After the hair dried, she rinsed it under water until the water ran clear. This step is important if you don’t want to color your clothes. She let the hair dry for a second time and had box braids installed!

Deep Purple Crochet Braids

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.09.42 PM

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What You’ll Need: Acrylic Ink, 70% rubbing alcohol or higher, gloves, spray bottle and Freetress Water Wave braiding (kanekalon)hair in the color TT27 .

How To: YouTuber, Destiny Taylor, created this look by following pretty much the same steps as AfroPunkie. The only differences were that she started off with a hair color that was already ombre and she didn’t comb or brush the hair. She also left the hair in a plastic bag for 4 hours and then blow dried it. She advises not to put too much water and alcohol in your spray bottle because you don’t want to thin out the vibrant color. She also recommends using plastic to lay the hair on while spraying it. If you use plastic you won’t waste ink.

Vibrant Turquoise and Purple Ombre Twists


What You’ll Need: Afro Kinky braiding hair by Janet, rubbing alcohol, acrylic ink, plastic bags, and gloves.

How To: This Youtuber decided use afro kinky braiding hair in the bleach blonde color 613. She used three different ink colors for the turquoise color. The purple color was created by using two ink colors. She folded the hair in half, and put a rubber band around the hair. She dipped one end into the purple color and let it sit for 15 minutes, then dipped the other end in the turquoise color and did the same. The plastic bags held about one cup of water. If you want your color to be strong and pigmented then use LESS WATER. Let the hair dry and install it how you wish.

Will you be trying this out on your braiding hair? Do you have a technique to add?

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