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how to get a mega stone in pokemon brick bronze

how to get a mega stone in pokemon brick bronze
how to get a mega stone in pokemon brick bronze

The Mega Evolution icon.

Mega Evolution is a transformation that only appears in certain final form Pokémon or some Pokémon that cannot evolve. Mega-Evolved Pokémon are identified by having “Mega” in front of their name and a drastic appearance change from their previous form. Mega Evolution can only be achieved if there is a strong bond between a Trainer and his or her Pokémon.

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A Pokémon requires a corresponding Mega Stone to Mega Evolve.

Every Pokémon that can undergo Mega Evolution has a corresponding Mega Stone that is named after it, except for Rayquaza, which instead needs to use the move Dragon Ascent to Mega Evolve. Two Pokémon have multiple different Mega Stones for their species, named X or Y after the Mega-Evolved form.

The Mega Evolution icon flashes with colours to notify the trainer that Mega Evolution will be triggered.


Each Trainer may only Mega Evolve 1 Pokémon per battle. Mega Evolution is essentially a free action a Pokémon may make in addition to its normal move, but if a Pokémon does not use a move, it cannot Mega Evolve. Mega Evolution will occur before most actions except switching. A Mega-Evolved Pokémon will only revert back to its original state if it faints or the battle ends; if it is withdrawn, it will still be in its Mega Evolved state once switched back in. Status conditions such as paralysis, sleep and confusion cannot prevent Mega Evolution, even if they result in the Pokémon not being able to move that turn.

Mega Stones are not affected by most moves or Abilities. Moves that would take away the Mega Stone from a Pokémon, such as the moves Bestow, Covet, Fling, Thief, Trick and Switcheroo will fail, Knock Off will not remove the Mega Stone or gain additional power, while Abilities Magician, Pickpocket and Symbiosis will not activate. The moves Embargo and Magic Room, as well as Ability Klutz, will not prevent a Pokémon from using its respective Mega Stone to Mega Evolve.

Stat Changes

When Mega Evolution was first introduced, performing it would not alter the attacking order previously during the Mega Evolving turn, so a Pokémon with a lower Speed than their opponent would still go after them on the turn Mega Evolution occurred, even if their Mega Evolution changed their speed. The attacking order would be determined normally on every turn afterwards. The newer core series games Pokémon Sun and Moon has patched this, such that the attacking order during the Mega Evolving round will now also be decided by the Speed stats after Mega Evolution, and this fix is eventually carried to Pokémon Brick Bronze in Version 0.14 update on 23rd June, 2017.

All other stat changes and type changes of a Mega Evolution will take effect immediately and damage calculation will proceed as usual — a Pokémon whose Mega Evolution possesses a lower Defense stat will take greater damage from Physical attacks on the turn of Mega Evolving. Changes in a Pokémon’s Ability will also take place immediately.

Key Stone

This section contains spoilers!

To obtain the Key Stone, players must encounter the Eclipse Boss for a battle in Anthian Park. Before the battle begins, Rival Tess will give her Key Stone to the player in order to Mega Evolve the Absol that rushes in to help. Unlike in core series games, the Key Stone is not carved in a Mega Ring, Mega Bracelet or any unique accessories.

Icon Item Obtaining Location Key Stone Given by Rival Tess before the boss battle in Anthian Park.

Mega Stones

Like in core series game Pokémon X and Y, where Mega Evolution was first introduced, Mega Stones can be found by various methods listed below.

On Field

One of the most classic and known methods of obtaining Mega Stones. There are Mega Stones scattered around Roria and players have to pick them up. These will appear as the regular Poké Ball on field, unlike core series games where they appeared as sparkles.

Icon Item Location Sablenite Glistening Grotto


Main article: Event Pokémon

Event exclusive Mega Stones are stones that have only been released once or are custom made for different custom colour Pokémon.

Icon Item Date Status Method Abomasite 24-31/12/2015 Ended Complete 2015 Christmas Event by chopping down all trees outside the hut on Route 8. Gengarite H 9/11-27/12/2016 Ended Purchase Gengarite H at BP Shop, Colosseum Marketplace during 2016 Halloween Event for 200 BP. Sceptilite C 21/12/2017 – 1/1/2018 Ended Complete 2017 Christmas Event by finishing the 3 tasks to restore a Christmas Tree on Route 15.

Given in Plot

Absolite is on the neck of Absol which automatically joins the player right before the boss battle in Anthian Park.

Pokémon Type Level Image Held Item Absol Dark Lv. 50


35 kinds of Mega Stones can be bought, with 26 sold at the Stone Shop in Anthian City – Shopping District, 1 sold at the Golden Poké Ball Arcade in Anthian City – Housing District, and another 8 available at the BP Shop in the Colosseum Marketplace.

Item Price Stone Shop, Anthian City – Shopping District



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Charizardite X

Charizardite Y





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BP Shop, Colosseum Marketplace Medichamite 150BP





200 BP




Kangaskhanite 250BP Tix Shop, Golden Poké Ball Arcade, Anthian City – Housing District Audinite 3000 Tix

Hobo’s Lucky Lotto

A number of Mega Stones can be awarded as the Day 3 prizes at Hobo’s Lucky Lotto in Anthian City – Shopping District. Note that if the player hits 4 digits, it is a coin flip whether he or she gets Latiosite or Latiasite. The same goes for jackpot prizes Mewtwonite X and Y.

Icon Item Matching digits Steelixite 2 Diancite 3 Latiosite 4 Latiasite Mewtwonite X 5 Mewtwonite Y

List of Mega Evolutions

Note: Italics indicate Hidden Abilities of a Pokémon. Blackened rows symbolize that the Pokemon are currently unavaliable as of now.

Pokémon / Type Image Ability Mega Stone Mega Evolution / Type Image Ability VenusaurGrassPoison OvergrowChlorophyll Mega VenusaurGrassPoison Thick Fat CharizardFireFlying BlazeSolar Power Mega Charizard XFireDragon Tough Claws Mega Charizard YFireFlying Charizard-MegaY XY.gif Drought BlastoiseWater TorrentRain Dish Mega BlastoiseWater Mega Launcher BeedrillBugPoison SwarmSniper Mega BeedrillBugPoison Adaptability PidgeotNormalFlying Keen EyeTangled FeetBig Pecks Mega PidgeotNormalFlying No Guard SlowbroWaterPsychic ObliviousOwn TempoRegenerator Mega SlowbroWaterPsychic Shell Armour AlakazamPsychic SynchronizeInner FocusMagic Guard Mega AlakazamPsychic Trace GengarGhostPoison Cursed Body Mega GengarGhostPoison Shadow Tag Halloween GengarGhostPoison

Shiny Pokémon

Mega Halloween GengarGhostPoison Cursed Body KangaskhanNormal Early BirdScrappyInner Focus Mega KangaskhanNormal Parental Bond PinsirBug Hyper CutterMold BreakerMoxie Mega PinsirBugFlying Aerilate GyaradosWaterFlying IntimidateMoxie Mega GyaradosWaterDark Mold Breaker AerodactylRockFlying Rock HeadPressureUnnerve Mega AerodactylRockFlying Tough Claws MewtwoPsychic PressureUnnerve Mega Mewtwo XPsychicFighting Steadfast Mega Mewtwo YPsychic Insomnia AmpharosElectric StaticPlus Mega AmpharosElectricDragon Mold Breaker ScizorBugSteel SwarmTechnicianLight Metal Mega ScizorBugSteel Technician HeracrossBugFighting SwarmGutsMoxie Mega HeracrossBugFighting Skill Link HoundoomDarkFire Early BirdFlash FireUnnerve Mega HoundoomDarkFire Solar Power SteelixSteelGround Rock HeadSturdySheer Force Mega SteelixSteelGround Sand Force Crystal SteelixSteelGround Mega Crystal SteelixSteelGround TyranitarRockDark Sand StreamUnnerve Mega TyranitarRockDark Sand Stream SceptileGrass OvergrowUnburden Mega SceptileGrassDragon Lightning Rod Green Christmas SceptileGrass Mega Green Christmas SceptileGrassDragon North Pole White Christmas SceptileGrass Mega White Christmas SceptileIceDragon BlazikenFireFighting BlazeSpeed Boost Mega BlazikenFireFighting Speed Boost SwampertWaterGround TorrentDamp Mega SwampertWaterGround Swift Swim GardevoirPsychicFairy SynchronizeTraceTelepathy Mega GardevoirPsychicFairy Pixilate GalladePsychicFighting SteadfastJustified Mega GalladePsychicFighting Inner Focus MawileSteelFairy Hyper CutterIntimidateSheer Force Mega MawileSteelFairy Huge Power AggronRockSteel SturdyRock HeadHeavy Metal Mega AggronSteel Filter MedichamFightingPsychic Pure PowerTelepathy Mega MedichamFightingPsychic Pure Power ManectricElectric StaticLightning RodPlus Mega ManectricElectric Intimidate BanetteGhost InsomniaFriskCursed Body Mega BanetteGhost Prankster AbsolDark PressureSuper LuckJustified Mega AbsolDark Magic Bounce SableyeDarkGhost Keen EyeStallPrankster Mega SableyeDarkGhost Magic Bounce SharpedoWaterDark Rough SkinSpeed Boost Mega SharpedoWaterDark Strong Jaw CameruptFireGround Magma ArmourSolid RockAnger Point Mega CameruptFireGround Sheer Force AltariaDragonFlying Natural CureCloud Nine Mega AltariaDragonFairy Pixilate GlalieIce Inner FocusIce BodyMoody Mega GlalieIce Refrigerate SalamenceDragonFlying IntimidateMoxie Mega SalamenceDragonFlying Aerilate MetagrossSteelPsychic Clear BodyLight Metal Mega MetagrossSteelPsychic Tough Claws LatiasDragonPsychic Levitate Mega LatiasDragonPsychic Levitate LatiosDragonPsychic Levitate Mega LatiosDragonPsychic Levitate RayquazaDragonFlying Air Lock N/A;Learn Dragon Ascent and use in-battle Mega RayquazaDragonFlying Delta Stream GarchompDragonGround Sand VeilRough Skin Mega GarchompDragonGround Sand Force LucarioFightingSteel SteadfastInner FocusJustified Mega LucarioFightingSteel Adaptability AbomasnowGrassIce Snow WarningSoundproof Mega AbomasnowGrassIce Snow Warning LopunnyNormal Cute CharmKlutzLimber Mega LopunnyNormalFighting Scrappy AudinoNormal HealerRegeneratorKlutz Mega AudinoNormalFairy Healer DiancieRockFairy Clear Body Mega DiancieRockFairy Magic Bounce

Primal Reversion

Primal Reversion is an ancient transformation of Pokémon. Pokémon that have undergone Primal Reversion are distinguished by the word “Primal” in front of their species name. It is similar to Mega Evolution, but instead of using the energy of people and Pokémon, the user instead absorbs the energy of nature to greatly increase its power. Primal Reversion is said to restore the true powers of a Pokémon.

In order to undergo Primal Reversion, a Pokémon only needs to be holding the appropriate Orb. Like Mega Stones, Orbs cannot be knocked off, thrown or stolen by any moves or abilities if held by the appropriate Pokémon. Unlike Mega Evolution, however, the player does not need a Key Stone or have to manually trigger Primal Reversion; it will simply happen automatically after the Pokémon enters battle and after any entry hazards take effect, but before the activation of weather-changing Abilities. Also unlike Mega Evolution, there is no limit to the number of times a Primal Reversion may be performed per battle.

Only 2 Pokémon are able to perform Primal Reversion: Kyogre and Groudon, members of the “Weather Trio”. The final member of “Weather Trio” — Rayquaza, despite having its signature Orb as well, undergoes Mega Evolution instead, along with some other Legendary Pokémon.


Pokémon / Type Image Ability Orb Primal Reversion / Type Image Ability KyogreWater Drizzle Primal KyogreWater Primordial Sea GroudonGround

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