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how to get rid of possum in garage | Spanglers – General Blog News

The best way to get rid of a possum is to contact an animal control service. If you are unable to do this, then the next best option would be to trap the possum and release it back into the wild.
how to get rid of possum in garage | Spanglers – General Blog News
how to get rid of possum in garage | Spanglers – General Blog News

The best way to Get Rid of Opossums within the Storage

When chilly climate arrives, your storage may change into house to an opossum. These pests are normally discovered digging by your trash, however they could discover an entry level to your storage. An opossum won’t solely disturb your sleep at evening and depart droppings in your storage, however they will additionally trigger injury to your basis. One technique of pest management is utilizing a reside lure to seize and take away the animal. Reside trapping is a protected and efficient solution to preserve animals away from your private home.

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If you wish to know learn how to eliminate possums within the basement, comply with our DIY information for product suggestions and directions.


Earlier than utilizing a reside lure, you should make it possible for the wild animal in your storage is a possum. This can guarantee that you’re utilizing the right bait and methods.

Possum ID

Possums are usually 20 to 36 inches lengthy. They’ve grey fur and a white face with a protracted, hairless tail. They usually weigh between 4 and 15 kilos and are clever animals. An opossum will “play useless” when they’re threatened. The animal will look – and even odor – like they’re useless. They won’t transfer, their mouths shall be open, and their anal glands will secrete an odor. It is a protection mechanism that ought to final between a couple of minutes and some hours.

An opossum is a scavenger and primarily feeds on carcasses and vegetation, however they’re adaptable and also will devour small animals, bugs, and candy meals. Take warning when approaching or dealing with this animal. They’re nice climbers and are in a position to swim.

Use the picture and outline above to substantiate that you’re coping with an opossum in your property.


After getting confirmed that your pest animal is an opossum, it’s useful to acknowledge the areas within the storage the place it’s most lively. You’ll want to place your traps with these areas in thoughts.

The place to Examine

Possums are probably in your basement on the lookout for shelter. When you have any litter or storage bins in your storage, they’re probably close to these specific spots. Search the corners and crevices of the storage as nicely.

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What to Look For

As a result of possums are principally nocturnal animals, injury will primarily be performed at evening. One of the crucial apparent indicators of a possum infestation is their droppings. These droppings are giant with barely pointed ends and resemble canine droppings. Additionally, you will need to search for broken storage bins.


Now that you’ve recognized your pest animal as an opossum and brought be aware of areas the place it’s most lively, you should utilize your reside lure. Make sure to put on gloves when dealing with the lure to forestall leaving your scent. If a possum picks up a human scent on the lure, it is going to keep away from the lure, which is able to make it ineffective.

Step 1 – Take away Meals Sources

You need the opossum to enter the reside lure with the assistance of bait. You additionally need to be certain they don’t depart the basement and enter your private home. Due to this, competing meals sources must be eliminated. Preserve your trash sealed in trash baggage and saved outdoors in bins with a lid. Different meals sources comparable to pet meals must be saved inside.

Step 2 – Place the Lure

By now, it’s best to have taken be aware of areas with excessive possum exercise. These areas are the place you’ll put your lure. Make sure to place your lure on an excellent floor. An opossum may push or knock over the lure with a view to attain the bait inside. Place a brick or weight on high of the lure to keep away from this.

Step 3 – Bait and Set the Lure

Trap Trigger

Utilizing the right bait will enhance your possibilities of catching a possum. These animals want candy meals comparable to honey buns. The bait must be positioned close to the again of the lure. This ensures that the opossum might want to step on the set off plate with a view to attain the meals.

You’ll then set your lure by pushing on the door lock and lifting the door plate. Preserve the door plate lifted whereas pulling the set off arm ahead to set it. You’ll know it’s set when the set off arm’s hook catches the door.

Step 4 – Monitor the Lure

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You’ll need to examine the traps twice a day, ideally as soon as within the morning and as soon as within the night. That is when you’ll refill bait if wanted. Checking the lure steadily could dissuade possums from approaching the lure. Don’t preserve an animal trapped within the cage for longer than 24 hours.

Step 5 – Relocate the Opossum


Any non-target animals must be launched instantly. After getting captured a possum in your reside lure, examine your native authorities to be sure you are accurately relocating the animal. Method the lure slowly and use a mild voice. Place a towel over the cage to keep away from horrifying the possum. After getting relocated far sufficient, rigorously open the lure and launch the animal.


After utilizing your reside lure, you need to make it possible for wild animals don’t invade your property once more. You may take some preventative measures to maintain your space possum-free.


Cleaning Products

A cluttered basement will present loads of materials for a possum to take shelter. Make sure to take away all litter and particles from the basement. Any potential meals or water sources, particularly pet meals, must be correctly sealed in a container and saved indoors.


In case your property has a hen coop, think about putting in fencing or actively preserving reside traps close to the coop. Possums will devour each chickens and their eggs.

To keep away from possums from getting into your private home, remember to restore any voids or openings across the house or construction, comparable to broken fences, crawlspace openings, or storage doorways.

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Key Takeaways

  • Opossums are nocturnal animals with grey fur, a white face, and a protracted hairless tail. They will entry your storage if a gap is giant sufficient. Possums can probably destroy storage bins, wiring, and piping, in addition to abandoning droppings and odor.
  • Bait the reside lure with a candy deal with like a honeybun with an open wrapper, or half of a barely mashed banana. Ensure the bait is positioned behind the set off plate of the lure.
  • Examine the lure as soon as within the morning and as soon as within the night. As soon as an opossum is caught, examine along with your native authorities to be sure you safely and accurately launch it.
  • Stop possums from getting into your storage once more by eradicating any potential meals sources and trash, in addition to sealing any voids and holes.
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