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how to make bunk bed curtains | Spanglers – General Blog News

how to make bunk bed curtains | Spanglers – General Blog News
how to make bunk bed curtains | Spanglers – General Blog News

If your kids have bunk beds, then you can be mom-of-the-year by sewing them some bunk bed curtains using our tutorial! Minimal sewing skills required!

I may do a ‘room reveal’ here on mah blog, but that doesn’t REALLY mean that the room is done. You know? I’m constantly tweaking and having new ideas! Nothing is safe… even when it’s already been checked off my subconscious ‘room-list’. 😉

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Even the kids’ room

Having bunk beds has opened a whole new world of shenanigans… part of which I’m sure is the fact that Cypress is now sharing a room with the twins. But the truth is that they sleep better (and longer) now than they did when the twins shared a full size bed. So we’re rejoicing!

And so far we’re loving this triple bunk. It’s solid and sturdy, and each of the kids surprisingly has plenty of head room!

But when they started draping blankets from the bunks above them (and the kid on the top bunk started complaining that she couldn’t drape blankets) I realized that bunk beds were the perfect opportunity for TENTS!

You’re loving that fabric, aren’t you? ME TOO!

Let me introduce you to my Instagram friend, Bari J! She’s an insanely talented artist who shares my love of bright colors, patterns, and florals. I’ve been following her on the ‘gram and admiring her work for years. And when I saw that she was releasing a new fabric line, I had to get my hands on it!

I put on my big girl panties and hesitantly reached out to her and asked if I could help her promote her line of fabrics, and she agreed! And she let me choose 3 different prints for this project!

Cue the angels singing in the distance.

I’ve been excited to get back in front of the sewing machine. I haven’t had it out since we moved last fall, and it feels so good to be sewing again!

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I’m not a very experienced seamstress, but I can sew in a relatively straight line! (and apparently I’m not too shabby at a circle either!). So if you’re intimidated by the sewing portion of this project idea, be encouraged. You can do it.

I measured the openings of each of the bunks (they weren’t all the same, so measure each one individually). I decided I wanted 4 panels for each bunk… 2 for the long opening, and 2 for the short opening. That way it would look pretty when they’re open and closed!

I cut each panel about 3 inches longer than the dimensions of the opening, and hemmed the edges all the way around. I considered adding some pom pom trim at the bottom, but with all the busyness of the patterns, I felt like it didn’t need that extra detail this time.

I did a lot of research on how to go about hanging these curtains. My brain staggered between things like shower curtain rods, and those room-divider curtain things that are affixed to the ceiling like in a doctors exam room.

But ultimately I decided to go with these stainless Curtain Wire Rod System where you put Hooks on that clip onto your curtain!

In that pic above they’re using it to hold kids art, but it’s made for curtains and is quite sturdy.

You’ll need one of these for each bunk.

The wire curtain rod comes with instructions, but sometimes it’s easier to see pictures of the steps, so here ya go…

Mark your spot on the bunk and drill a pilot hole for the hardware.

Screw in the provided screw, then thread on the curtain adapter.

Do this on both far corners of the bunk. And to create the corner for the wire, add an eye hook on the post where the wire should turn. We also added an eye hook halfway across the longer expanse for added support of the wire.

On the far end of the wire, pull the wire tight and put the little cylinder clasp about an inch from the curtain hardware, and tighten it into place with the allen wrench provided.

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Use a wire cutter to cut off all the excess wire, and screw into place! YOU’RE DONE!

For the wire that goes along the ceiling for the top bunk, just put the two curtain adapters into the wall instead of the bunk, and put eye hooks along the ceiling and the corner. Here is what the corner eye hook looks like on the ceiling.


The little hooks just loop onto the wire, and clip onto the fabric… super self-explanatory. I put a hook every 5″ or so on the fabric panels.

The girls are so obsessed with their tents, and all 3 of them actually sleep with them closed. It’s hilarious.

But I also love how amazing it looks when they’re open. It’s like a border for all the corners!

I took this low-quality, low-light pic of the girls being silly and loving their bunk curtains! SO FUN!

This was such a fun project for me, and i haven’t seen the girls this happy about a thing I made for them in a long time! Bunk bed curtains for the win!

If you give this project a go, be sure to tag me on Instagram @RealityDaydream so I can share! Or email me pics at



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